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Can Broccoli Crash Your Estrogen?

I have always been a huge broccoli lover. I don’t necessarily eat it for estrogen reduction as I have learned that estrogen in the presence of higher T levels is not a bad thing. I just simply love broccoli and eat a good amount of it daily for the taste of it and as a nutritious part of meals while watching my carbohydrate intake. I am now 4 weeks into dropping my AI that crashed my estrogen very quickly, and have been feeling much better over the past couple of weeks and have been continuing to feel better day by day. I steered clear of my broccoli while recovering from the crashed E2 out of fear of setting myself back. Once I started feeling no more symptoms of low estrogen I went back to eating my 2 cups of broccoli a day, and today I had some symptoms that felt like low E2 again. Nowhere near as harsh as like with an AI, just simply some joint cracking and a little foggy, but still have good energy and got a good leg day in today and everything. Can this be from the broccoli? Or could it just be fluctuating hormones as I have been recovering from crashed E2 from arimidex? Thanks everyone!

Bombard your system with chemicals then you question broccoli?

Broccoli is fine. It’s everything else that messed you up.

Edited for harshness. :grin:


Nah it’s fine man, lol. I took it upon myself to put stuff in my body so I deserve some backlash for it, especially since I have the tools to do extremely well without all of that stuff. I obviously know broccoli alone wouldn’t cause someone to just randomly crash their E2, but since I was recovering from E2 crash from the poison that is AI I didn’t know if the DIM effect from broccoli could knock it back down or something and was just being cautious. I’ve stopped my 400mg test and am taking my PCT, been off AI for a month, and have no plans on taking gear doses in the future. I’m back to focusing on gaining not just the body but the health benefits of fitness without unnecessary gear. Live and you learn. Thanks for the feedback.

Not really. For what ever reason, this is the road you went down, and here’s where you’re at on it. No need for me to be a dick about it.

I think cruciferous veggies can have an aggregate effect over time because they’re generally good for you, but are not nearly as powerful or effective (depending on purpose) as any PEDs or ancillaries.

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I remember reading someone’s post on here from a couple years ago saying he crashed his estrogen with DIM supplementation. Maybe that’s totally different than just eating broccoli considering I have no idea what the concentration is in broccoli, but that’s kind of what got me curious considering I went from feeling fine to having some mild low E2 symptoms again suddenly. Whatever the case I’m coming off everything and bloods all came back normal, and I learned AIs are an absolute disaster lol.

I read a post on here where a guy was trying to cure diabetes with orange juice.

A lot of stuff on the internet is stupid, dangerous horseshit written by people who are desperate, unstable, and usually pretty dumb.

Keep that in mind as you move forward.


Definitely true. I feel like after using the AI I started overthinking a lot of things. But that stuff is old news and will never be touched again, so I will continue to eat healthy, lift heavy, rest, supplement my vitamins, and move forward on continuing to develop my body as well as my health and I’m sure the rest will take care of itself. Appreciate your feedback brother :+1:

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Not saying this is the case, but the placebo effect is very real - and not just for the weak-minded. If you’re already concerned about low estrogen, and then read up on things you’re doing that could be risk factors, you’re very likely to feel symptoms of low estrogen. And I don’t mean “think” you feel the symptoms: multiple studies show objective health markers (blood pressure, for instance) can change due to placebo effect.

Anyway, that’s what immediately comes to mind just glimpsing at this.


Very possible. I will say the fact my joints pop so often is definitely a red flag. However, near everyone who does experience low e2 always says their libido goes to absolute shit. Never once while I felt like I had low e2 was my libido shot. Popping joints, anxiety and a general feeling of tiredness are usually my symptoms. What’s funny though is I get these energy jolts where I could go outside and move for hours. Kind of like a constant shift between up and down. Whether that is mental or just my hormones trying to stabilize I don’t know, but I’m very honed in on keeping everything balanced for the time being!