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Can Boldenone 300mg/Wk Cause Impotence?

Does anyone know if boldonone 300 mg/ week causes impotence?

I am sure it can. I don’t think it is likely though. Testosterone can cause impotence too.

I think 19-nors (tren, nandrolone) are much more likely to cause these issues.

I am also taking test cypionate 250 mg/ week and anavar 20 mg each day. I experienced no problem until I started my first dose of boldonone last week. Your advice?

I haven’t taken boldonone. What is your blood pressure? That can cause ED, and all AAS can increase blood pressure.

I noticed a drop in libido on Anavar after a few weeks. I have heard this much more so than with boldonone.

I was assuming you were taking test with the boldonone. Boldonone can reduce E2 in many individuals. Most try to run at least 1:1 test:bold.

From here, I would check BP, if that is good, get blood work for E2. You might have crashed your E2. If neither of those I would think it was the Anavar.

You have a few variables going on here.


I am taking nolvadex 25 mg eod as well. My BP is good

I doubt you need it (I think it is likely that your E2 is low). How many cycles have you done?

You are running 4 different things, do you understand how each one impacts you individually?

How long have you been running these compounds. Are you already running the Anavar?

Hey, I know everyone is different but Im on week 14 of 1200mg/wk of EQ (750 Test) and though my BP is slightly elevated I have no issues in that department, almost the opposite. But given the extreme half life of this compound and your saturation in 1 week of running this compound I dont see the EQ being the issue. I will say turning my test up to 750 and the E2 dropping properties to EQ at 1200 I feel better than when I was on 300 Test and 600 EQ. In short your test dosage may be low and using Nova as well my be the issue.

1 month of anavar.

I think dropping Nolva is step one as it is likely not needed. Gyno doesn’t happen over night either, so if the nips get a bit sensitive, it can be added in.

I think OP probably needs some blood work.

Do you still have good libido? I would probably drop this as well for now.

I thought nolvadex is to reduce estrogen binding capacity ?

So just the test 250mg/ week alone?

Yes, but it comes with its own side effects as well. Shouldn’t impact E2 levels.

What are you looking to do? Are you still trying to salvage the cycle? If so, I would probably bump it up on the test a bit if it is for a cycle. You likely won’t get much for gains at 250 mg/wk. Or, I would probably just do 500 mg Test and 300 mg EQ (bold) per week for a bit and get blood work. That is just me.

Are you looking to get off? If so, then I would run 250 mg/wk test for about 4 weeks, then go off for 3 weeks and PCT with Nolva.

I would agree, If you are looking to salvage the cycle. Up your test

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Are you looking to get off? If so, then I would run 250 mg/wk test for about 4 weeks, then go off for 3 weeks and PCT with Nolva.——- this sounds good.

I am just trying to maintain lean swimmers muscle and boost libido. Then to sum up in your opinion, just the test 250/week? I appreciate that

Agree this lowers libido for me.

How are you dosing your testosterone? Var lowers SHBG very quickly, even at low doses, and you could be “using up” your test very quickly. That would lead to libido and ED issues.

I go daily or EOD when I use anything that will crush SHBG

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Since you want to get off, then yes, this is what I would do. I would run the test at 250 mg/wk for a month. I would do this to let the Bold clear. After you stop pinning the Test, I would wait 3 weeks, and do 40 mg/day of Nolva for two weeks, followed by 20 mg/day of Nolva for an additional two weeks. I would pull blood work to ensure recovery a month after the PCT of Nolva.

Does this all make sense?

Yes excellent. Thankyou. Very much to all you guys

Just want to third/fourth the var. When I’m on it libido gets lowered, I know this when I take it. I haven’t had ED issues but it definitely lowers the drive.

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I listened to you. Only 250 test/ week and stopped everything else! Your thoughts? I may have to wait for a week or 2 before being able to assume erect toon and ejaculation? Thankyou in advance