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Can Blood Tests Be Wrong? Test Came Back 3539 ng/dl and Free 909 pg/ml

Redo the test… no way

FIFY. :wink:

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Pic posted

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Finally! Took a lot of work to get you to post it. LOL Thanks!

Phone issues, had to wait to get to a computer

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Haha yeah man I’d def get it tested again. If it really is that high then I have no idea why or what to tell you… obviously that would be very strange. Who knows, maybe it is right?

Doc said he has only seen ranges like mine on people who abuse Test, almost fell out of his chair. I still have half a vile left and am right on track with my prescription.

Yeah those are for sure like very high dose levels… the second test should answer whether it’s real (somehow) or not though

New Blood Tests show my level on injection day, prior to injections in 516 (199-1,586 ng/dl) Must have been a lab mix up. How are those levels 7 days after injection of .5ml?

Just a lab error. It happens.

Not terrible for 7 days after, but not high either. Are you still having low T issues? What is your free T?