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Can Blood Tests Be Wrong? Test Came Back 3539 ng/dl and Free 909 pg/ml

I am on .5ml /wk and my Test came back 3539 ng/dl and free 909 pg/ml. How is this possible? I do 2 weekly injections at .25 ml. The syringe barely has any medication in it. Can blood tests be wrong?

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What test lab and method was used? It does seem a bit odd for only 100 mg/week (assuming a 200 mg/mL product).

Also assuming you are not stacking on other synthetic anabolic steroids. Right?

100 mg/ml product. Nothing stacked

and I am on .50 mg/week, 100mg/2 weeks

Are you supplementing biotin?

no sir. nothing supplemented.

Tests can be and probably are wrong. Re-do the labs

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50mg total weekly? Damn dude it’s lab error or you’re just the most androgen sensitive guy ever lol. But how do you feel? Good?

Pix or it didn’t habben.

I feel exactly the same, Ive had 2 good days in 8 weeks. The first being the first day of my injection

What size syringe are you using? What is the concentration of the prescription? Perhaps you’re dosing more than you think?

Why do you mention this? I take oral biotin. Does it cause false TRT blood results?

Guys. Everyone posts snapshots or Copy/Paste of their labs. Dude be trolling.

Can you please stop posting your silly jokes everywhere?
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Yes biotin supplementation greater than 1mg daily interferes with blood testing.

The FDA Warns that Biotin May Interfere with Lab Tests:

Biotin interference: Underrecognized patient safety risk in laboratory testing

While the amount of usual dietary biotin intake is not expected to be high enough to affect these tests , biotin supplementation at doses greater than 1 mg per day can cause either falsely low or falsely high test results, depending on the analyte and platform used for testing .

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I enjoyed the laugh actually!

I assure you I am not trolling.

The odds are approximately 3,720 to 1, that the test was accurate.