Can Blood Pressure Go Down On Cycle?

I’m currently taking Anadrol, npp and test e and my blood pressure was at 147/86 this morning. Would stopping the Anadrol help with that or would I have to stop the cycle all together?

Well anadrol is notorious for raising blood pressure so ask yourself.

Would removing a compound known for raising blood pressure possibly lower my blood pressure?

I would say yes… But I’m no doctor

I was thinking it would but all steroids raise blood pressure so I didn’t know if the other compounds would keep it elevated

No not neccarily.

Sure testosterone can raise blood pressure by causing elevated E2 to the point where your so bloated your blood pressure spikes. Same with npp.

But I don’t think that’s your issue I’d bet it’s the adrol.

You need to test your BP a few times a day to get accurate readings.
147/86 is creeping up on the high side I’m sitting at about the same right now. It’s not going to be life threatening for a few weeks you wouldn’t want to spend all year there tho.

Okay that makes sense thanks for the reply. The blood pressure doesn’t bother me too much except for the red face I get at the gym now. I haven’t bloated much at all even at 75mg a day of adrol. Do people just respond differently to adrol or does arimidex help with that?

Arimidex does absolutely nothing for adrol sides. And yes adrol seems to affect people differently. Some have no issues at all and others can’t even touch the stuff.

Oh okay I guess I’m just one of the luckier ones with adrol. It’s the only steroid I’ve found to actually give me roid rage for some reason and I’ve used tren before