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Can Benching Make Your Boobs Bigger?


Before I get called out a pig or anything like that, the reason I ask is because one of my clients told me she was thinking about getting a boob job (her words, not mine). Obviously it's not my place to tell her she shouldn't do it, but surgery seems pretty drastic, and I think it also tends to lead to back problems down the line.

I've heard anecdotally that benching/building the pecs in general can make your boobs look bigger, and most of the women I know who get after it hard on bench tend to have pretty big boobs, but I was wondering if anybody could find a study or something more substantial to back this up. Or if you have any counter evidence to put this to rest I would appreciate that too.


Dude, no. Benching will NOT make your boobs bigger. As a "trainer" you should already know that. Breast are made up of glands and fatty tissue. What would get bigger by adding muscle? Now building up the muscles underneath will lift and tone the area which looks better, but no actual boob size increase will occur. Go look at any pro female body builder and tell me if they have big boobs from benching. By that theory, they should all be triple D's


Wasn't on the CSCS or ACSM, not exactly priority in terms of what they want you to know

That's kinda what I was talking about. I knew that extra muscle won't affect the mammary gland, but I didn't know if it would affect the way it sits on the pec muscle, or if building up the pecs would give the appearance of larger breast, which is really what she cares about. Also was hoping to see if any research was done on it, because I have heard lots of things anccedotally about how it affects it, but have never seen any research


It's basic physiology, certifications or not.


Lol at totally not reading the question.

From an anecdotal perspective, I can definitely say that working your pecs does make your boobs appear bigger, though that's not a given for everyone. By benching or just working out in general you're obviously going to lose some body fat, which can impact some women more than others in the breast department and may totally counteract the growth in their pecs. There are a lot of strong women out there who have the chest of a twelve-year-old and some who are definitely more gifted.

From a scientific perspective, most of the studies I've found have more to do with poultry, which I'm not sure is all that relevant. This is the closest I could find: http://www.examiner.com/article/new-bra-necessity-study-an-exercise-science-perspective

To summarize the article, they're saying that not wearing a bra makes your pectorals work more to support your breasts and therefore keeps them perkier. Just like any muscle, you use it or it gets flabby. By that theory, if you're benching or otherwise working your pecs it should have the same effect as not wearing a bra, and therefore gives your breasts a perkier/larger appearance.