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Can BCAAs Sit in Water?


Is there any issues with letting BCAA powder sit in water for 6-7 hours?

Or mixing them in hot green tea and drinking over the course of 1 hour?

I know I could spoon them into my mouth and wash it down, but I was looking for other options and didn't know if sitting in water cold or hot effected BCAA's in any negative way.


I'm pretty sure Bill has commented before that there is no adverse effects to doing this.


I can't answer the tea question (heat bothering BCAA's), but I actually prefer to let my bulk BCAA powder (and other aminos) sit in my drink for about 1/2 hour or so as they are slow to absorb. I mix it home and by the time I get to the gym it's desolved. I shake the drink every few minutes or so.


Cool, thanks guys. I appreciate the replies.


Cool, thanks for the replies, I appreciate them.


Thanks for the replies guys (if this "thank you" appears more than one time it is because I was having trouble with my Internet)


I tried them in the tea. After 40 minutes and several stirs, they dissolved and the beverage was drinkable. The flavor was tolerable (2 packs of splenda and some cinnamon).