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Can Bad Knees Recover with Fish Oil?

Is it possible for bad knees to recover by taking fish oil for a long time?

If i was u. I would try to read and learn as much as possible about the knee joint, why it would cause you pain in different areas , and what you could be doing about these things.

The answer is probably yes. I used glucosamine/condroitin/MSM complex for about a year and I’ve been pain free for about a decade now. The occasional pain, sure, but that happens with every joint in a weightlifter’s body. Build up the muscles around the knee and you can’t go wrong.


Not really, but it can mitigate. It all depends what you mean by bad knees, can you isolate the cause? If so then thats what you need to work on correcting.

it probably depends on what the fuck ‘bad knees’ means.


probably yes. but only if you take fish oil for a really long time. i mean like a really very really long time. like for 6 months or something…

[quote]alexus wrote:
it probably depends on what the fuck ‘bad knees’ means.[/quote]

So what are the symptoms?