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Can Atheists go to Heaven?


According to Cardinal George Pell the answer is yes.

Go to 41:30


Do we want to?


I don't know.

Can you picture heaven?

I find hell extremely easy to picture - devil, pitchforks, constant torture, pain etc.

Now how about heaven? I can't think of anything I would want to do for all of eternity.



Me neither.


As for hell, I bet if someone shoved the 11th million pitchfork up your ass you would be bored too.


Do atheists want to go to heaven? That's a far more compelling question.


So if you were gang raped in a prison everyday you'd get board? I think I would still have a problem with it 11 million times later.


Where do pantheists go after death ?



You would be as wide open as a barn door and psychologically adjusted to it.

It would be like a nice cup of tea really.


I think you need to look into Terry Pratchets work for this.

His Death, the anthropomorphic incarnation of death, does not care where you go, he just takes you where you think you should go.



If they repent.


What Sloth said.


what for?

Enjoy millenia of boredom.


What for? Up to you. In this information age, modern atheism is certainly a willful rejection. One I'm not too awfully concerned with correcting for any one particular person. I'm a knock the dust off my sandals type of guy. You've heard our sales pitch, rejected it, and I'm moving on. Add on the sin of leading others astray, and there you go. Repent or not, you know the story already. You all do. And hey, depending on how you interpret the relevant passage, maybe you've blasphemed the holy spirit in an act of public defiance, making this moot.

/disinterested shrug


Thats just not true, I took and continue to take what is of value and discard the rest.

If your god feels like punishing me for eternity for that, I am not that terribly interested in serving him anyway.

I will enjoy the moments of freedom this almighty bully grants me, thank you very much, I never was good with a harp in the first place.



Ok. You made your decision. Never thought otherwise. /disinterested shrug.


I would think more about yours.

Think about what you describe and then think about what you bow to.

Contrary to what most Christians believe, they have a choice and they choose to worship what I can only describe as a spiteful, jealous and generally unhinged deity.

Sure, he might cuddle you for all eternity, but that IMO is a too high prize to pay for fleeting moments of spiritual security and an eternity of cowed submissiveness.

At least I know where I stand when it comes to celestial dictators.

Terrorist even, because thats his mo, strike terror into the hearts of sheeple so that they will bow to him.

Thank you, but no.


I wasn't offering...

I'm not offering you heaven nor your salvation. Not the gospels. Not Christ. Nothing. You've heard it all before. So, I'm not here to offer you the gospel. I save that for others. Don't thank me and act as if I was offering you something. I wasn't. I'm not interested in your choice, or your stand against God. Have at it. In the meantime, no need to remind me of it three replies in a row. I know already. Seriously, I'm bored. Anything left for this thread?


All I am hearing is the sound of you not reflecting on your choice.

It is deafening.


How would you even hear it?

Firstly, we're using text based communication.

Secondly, I'm not a dear diary type, so my 'moments of profound meditation and reflection' wouldn't be written here. Nor has my own faith journey, spiritual life, and history been recorded here. So, forget hearing or reading, you'd have to be psychic.