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Can Arimistane Be Used for Long Term Use?

I was wondering if Arimistane could be used by itself at low dose for long term use and if so would it have much benefit. All the information on it that I find only has to do with PCT cycling at 50mg to 75mg.


Yeah, those are mostly about PCT and combining. I don’t see anything related to long term use.

Please describe your objectives and rational.

I want to use it to increase T levels from low normal to high normal and I wanted to use it to loose fat, since I can’t get below 20% to save my life. Odds are there isn’t a good endo in my area, so I’m basically looking at other means without dipping into the illegal route. I’m still waiting on new T level results, I just like to weigh out all my options. I’ve tried on and off for 5 years to get below 20% body fat and it’s never happened. I’ve tried different macros and micro-managing calories. Also, I can gain strength, but rarely ever muscle. Plus, I have gyno/puffy nipples that I’ve had since puberty. I can’t afford surgery and frankly I’d like to avoid surgery. I know the gyno won’t go away completely, but I’m hoping to take something that’ll shrink it and make it unnoticeable.

I’m not familiar with arimistane, but if it does work as an AI and the long term side effects are tolerable, there are studies that show AIs will increase T levels.

The major factors for weight loss are good thyroid function, high normal or better TT and FT and E2 near E2=22pg/ml - 80pmol/L

Right, so that goes back to my original question about using Arimistane long term to get levels to high normal. Currently, I can’t even find a doctor that’ll test estrogen at all.

Do you know your e2 levels? if not high, why do you want to crash your e2?

I’m just guessing due to how I feel and why I can never loose fat. I saw a urologist and he wouldn’t test anything besides T and free T. I’m going to have to see an endo most likely, but every doctor I goto gives me trouble. “Oh, we don’t test for that.”

How were your TT and FT. You cannot just say your e2 is high by the way you feel. If not the case, you can easily crash e2 very low and that’s not good in anyway. It’s even easier to do so with arimistane.

Original test TT 395, FT not measured, Thyroid 1.0, LH 4.0. E2 not measured, Cortisol not measured.

I would advise against an AI without knowing your e2 still. Not good for long term health as well.

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