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Can Anyone Vouch for this Technique?


I have had experience with a weak calf. My non dominant calf was weaker than my dominant, I eventually found it was from lack of flexibility in my ankle, which I blew out about 6 years ago.

I used compound movements (squats, box jumps, etc) along with a lot of ankle mobility to even out my calves.

My question is does anyone have experience with directly isolating the weak muscle or group to bring it back to par with the other? how did it work?


Since your saying it was due to an inflexibility...I've isolated to balance it out but imho nothing helped more to restore than looking at what was going on with mobility and getting the right care for it whether that was mobility drills or soft tissue work and the like. The difference was noticable within a week vs. trying to train to balance it out.


I just hammer at my body until it conforms to the shape in my mind. If one of my calves was weak, I would also make sure to examine the other leg for similar overcompensation injuries