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Can Anyone Tell Me What This Is? Gyno?

Hi guys,

Recently noticed this in different lighting and when I flex. Only on one pec. I have no lumps or anything. But it’s almost like a layer of fat from my nipple to lower chest.

Looks horrible when you catch it in the right light but in normal lighting it’s very hard to see.

Don’t want it to get any worse and want my chest to go back to what it originally looked like.

Been off cycle for around a month. I had ran a test deca eq cycle.

I’ve been running nolvadex to try get rid of whatever it is but doesn’t seem to be going.

Looks like an unfortunate distribution of fat in a non dominate pec. That side is not as developed as the other but my man… you need to spend the money on a coach not AAS. You look fine but not like somebody who should be jumping into anabolics and certainly not like someone who just finished a cycle. Eat, train, learn and be well.


Thank you for your advice. So you wouldnt say this is any type of gyno. Just fat?

Looks to me like fat deposit. I have the same to a lesser degree in my non dominate pec as well.

Man… heavy cycle and tbh you look like you don’t even lift let alone run a cycle… get some good diet advice and don’t even think about aas for another 15 or 20kg…

Would you suggest anyways of getting rid of the fat deposits. Thanks for you advice.

Well you’re not carrying a lot of excess BF so I would focus on pec workouts. Not sure what you’re going but if you can enlarge the muscle it will diminish the look.

I got the same look in my pecs when I’m at the peak of my bulk and carrying excess fat.

@blshaw and @cursed333 are correct. Please don’t risk you health another time for nothing my friend. Get back to the basics first.

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