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Can Anyone Tell Me the Roles of Zinc and Magnesium in TRT?

Also, would the magnesium change any of my blood numbers such as red blood cell properties?

Magnesium can lower blood pressure if you are deficient in the mineral, or if you have high blood pressure. There have also been some studies that show a minor reduction in blood glucose in diabetics. There is also some weak evidence showing a mild increase in insulin sensitivity and reduction in fasting insulin.

Zinc has been shown to increase testosterone in two different scenarios. The first is having reduced testosterone due to zinc deficiency. The second is having a low testosterone due to extensive exercise. Zinc will help increase testosterone in both cases, but no not outside of them.

Not sure if that helped at all of if that is what your asking… there isn’t really a “role” for zinc and magnesium in TRT


Be careful with zinc though. It crashed my estrogen at mild doses and I’ve seen a few others state the same. I take 400mg Magnesium Glycinate before bed and find it very beneficial for sleep and overall mood the next day.

Same on zinc, I don’t have any tests, but supplementing it consistently made me feel worse pre-TRT.

Unsure if it was E2, but it may have been as my level back then was just about 20. Not much room to fuck with.