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Can Anyone Tell Me the Results of This Labmax Test?

Hi guys

I just crashed heavily. Blood results proven this. I thought i had high e2 or some other side. I have been using test e. I had a feeling they are fake. I did a labmax test on them and the results came out like a darkish red. Is there anyone who can translate these results. Also i used a uv light as recommended and didnt see much colour so could also be under dosed.Much appriciated. Good job i have a emergency stash of sus about and feeling much better. I thought i had a flu of some sort.

It should be orange (which it is) and fluoresce some greenish-yellow.

I didnt have any with the uv just small specs or dots. Could be underdosed?

That would be my guess. But I’m not super familiar with Lab Max, beyond the basics. So maybe someone else has more experience and can chime in. It certainly looks like there’s test e in there, but at what concentration is another matter altogether. Did you buy this from a reputable, vetted source? No names, no websites, but just generally asking if the lab had a good reputation?

It is pharma not ugl…the source gave me anavar and tbol…all tested fake in one day.

Ouch. So that’s probably not a good source for the future then.