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Can Anyone Suggest a Routine?


Hi all,

I'm 23 6' 185lbs around 10% bf. Best lift is deadlift 440lbs, once did 400lbs full squat in my weightlifting peak days but this bodybuilding stuff has ruined my leg strength probably because of the high volume low frequency (once a week VS 4 times a week during weightlifting) Bench sucks, i'm doing it with 60kg the "bodybuilding way" (slow motions "pec contraction")

Did about 5 years of olympic style weightlifting which gave me solid leg and back strength

Quit because of several reasons and switched to bodybuilding one year ago.

I joined a buddy who does the typical 4 days a week seemingly overkill in volume, and too low frequency typical bodybuilding routine

I expected to gain less strength on this than my weightlifting stuff but at least some and a lot of size

Well I pretty much decreased in strength and look the same

I think this stuff doesn't work unless ur chemically enhanced or genetically gifted

So I heard about 5x5 is supposed to be effective for people who are natural and want to get big and strong

I'm not a powerlifter tho and wish to have an alround developped physique, not the dreaded "t rex" look people supposedly get from programs such as starting strength

Can anyone draw out a routine for me?


I tried to make a decent workout myself today

Did 3 sets of 5 with 300lbs in squat today

3x10 200lbs stiff leg deadlift

3x5 176lbs bench press

3x5 176lbs barbell row

3x12 standing calf raise

12 pull ups for the entertainment

I don't really know the proper way of doing these strength type of programs like bill stars and madcows. Can anyone help?

Here's a pic of myself. I have bad genetics for an aesthetic physique because of my wide waist, bad calves, weird abs and weak pecs. But hopefully I can get big and strong


What have you been doing? It is better to tweak/correct your current program than to say "do this, do that".


front "lat"


Well. After doing what my weightlifting coach told me to do for like 5 years I started bodybuilding about a year ago

I worked out 5 days a week with a 4 day split of chest+bi, shoulders+tri, legs, back+abs

basically generic split routine stuff.

I now realized this isn't working out great for my lack of strength.

Back lats look somewhat better


also if I go on a "strength routine" should I still bench the "bodybuilding" way?


When I was natural I never prospered on high reps or what you could call a typical 'bodybuilding program'.

You say you switched to bodybuilding, but your bodybuilding program has made you weaker and you still look the same, although your goal is to get big and strong, correct?

I suspect, based on what you have written that 5/3/1 or 5x5 will facilitate your requirement of getting strong. They are both similar and are great programs, I have used both.

Do not be afraid to eat a lot, this will facilitate your requirement of getting big.

Good luck...


search for doggcrapp training on google and read everything about it...


Never thought it was a good training style on paper, but my buddy has had great success with it soooooo... I'm just to damn conceded to try someone else's routine.


Also, your squat #'s aren't impressive, but your quads sure are. What leg exercises do/did you do?


used to do a lot of cleans, snatches, front squats and squats

have been doing only squats, lunges and hack squat the last year since i quit olympic lifts


5/3/1 Boring But Big template


I'm so confused, some people tell me madcow 5x5, stronglifts, starting strength, 5/3/1 jim wendler etc will make you strong and gain some size but will not be optimal for bodybuilding

bodybuilding should be in 8-12 rep range etc etc 5 day splits

also the only pics of people doing these programs I find are these http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150128314815568&set=a.10150128313925568.322727.136073910567

and none of those guys looks really impressive to be honest

can an experienced guy comment on this thread please