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Can Anyone Offer Any Exercise Advice? ;D


The main muscles I want to improve are:


edit: pretty much every muscle I have

And I want to lose body fat overall

I'm not overweight, BMI's like 21 or something like that, I did a lot of ab training, but no cardio whatsoever so I can only see my abs when I tense/stretch. I want to lose the belly fat

I also want to improve my conditioning to I can run faster for longer

I already do go to a gym and I have a resistance band at home. Can anyone recommend any exercises?


How old are you, out of curiosity?

My first bit of advice, given your goals I don't think you can do what you want... with "an exercise band at home." You're going to need some iron, man, or a gym.

  1. Are you implying that you got a nice set of well developed legs already?
  2. Sounds like you are trying to do spot reductions, which is not possible. When you do 'ab training,' you are exercising the muscle group underneath the fat. You can't selectively get rid of fat, it's the reduction of fat overall.
  3. Does your 'ab training' include doing squats, front squats, deadlifts or other core intense exercises before hand? Personally I think the core is made up of high-endurance muscles, merely lifting your upper body a few inches off the floor for a few sets isn't going to challenge your abs that much.
  4. If you want to run faster and run longer, you got to run. Steadily increase the difficulty of each run with either distance or speed, NEVER both at the same time.
  5. What does your current gym schedule look like?
  6. Do bench press for chest and triceps. (Weighted) chin ups or pull ups for biceps. Make sure the number of back exercises matches with the number of chest exercises (if not exceed), or your posture will be hunched forward.


Do DB bench press for chest.
Bench Press and Close grip bench press for triceps.
I never understood the whole "do pullups for biceps" thing. I did them for a while, they didn't do shit. I could climb a rope better, but they weren't doing much for me in the size department. Do curls for biceps.
If you want to read up on other exercises, just type the name of the muscle into the search function and there will be a bunch of informative articles just waiting for you.


How many reps for how many sets were you doing? In addition, are you doing any other movements?


Like 5-10 reps, ramping up the weight.
I'm not saying that they can't build biceps..I'm just saying that curls are a tried and true method.
That being said, I did do curls after the pullups, but looking back, I wasn't curling with enough intensity. I do now, and its been working.


mm.. I did specifically say I do go to a gym haha
Also thought I could do some resisted pressups inbetween days at the gym?

I'm 16
I don't really train my legs atm, which is bad cos I wanna be able to jump higher :frowning:
Yeah I know you can't do spot reductions. I thought you could hence why I have abs only when I tense but then the fat covers it up haha
I don't do squats anymore, but I'm going back to doing the deadlift (someone can link me to a video of the proper, safe technique?)

When next I'm running I'll increase the distance

I don't have a gym schedule haha
I just go in there and do whatever, which is what I'm trying to fix
hence me signing up to this site
I don't know that many back exercises though :confused:

ALSO I didn't get an email notification on this thread ;[




Okay... that didn't help me much ;[


Not being from Europe will instantly make you stronger. Try that.

Pick a good program and stick with it for many many months. Eat enough food so you gain quality weight CONSISTENTLY. If you dont get weight you need to eat more. There is a search function on this site. Please use it.



This site is a veritable treasure trove of training information. Try reading Christian Thibaudeau's [ ] for Newbies articles to get yourself started.


Approximately how many days a week do you go to the gym?

If Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or something similarly spaced, just do the Starting Strength program. Get the book, by Mark Rippetoe, and it explains all of the exercises. If you can't or do not want to get the book for some reason, just find the Starting Strength Wiki and it has the program outlined and some info on the exercises. After doing that until it stops working (probably more than 6 months), then you can worry about what to do next.

If you can see your abs from flexing, then focus on getting bigger with the Starting Strength program for a few months and start getting understanding of nutrition -- diet tends to determine how much fat you have, but you can only serve one master and you are fairly lean now so get bigger.

For the deadlift http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/mastering_the_deadlift_part_i is a start, but there are many articles here on deadlifting, include a good one on progressions to develop proper form.


yes monday, wednesday, friday
how much is said book?
Yeah I am pretty lean (hurr hurr) but I want to be more "toned"
and apparently "more reps with less weight" is NOT the way to do it
Cardio and a regulated diet is the way
I've decided I'm going to put on lots of muscle now
and when I start college (high school) in september I'm going to join the basketball team
the extra training should be a good cardio work out


my biceps are always a little sore after my back workout. that "inside the muscles" article says that chin ups are a great bicep exercise