Can Anyone Interpret Blood Results, KSMan?

Just got my blood work back and I;m trying to figure out my issues and how to address them. My initial concern was low waking temp and low temp all day, but my blood work shows a few more possible issues.


TSH 2.36 .34-5.60
T3 Total 76 70-180
Free T3 2.7 2.0-4.4
T4 Total 8.90 4.50-12.50

Testostrone Total 397 300-1000
Free Testosterone 4.5 7.2-24

Estradiol 34 20-53

HDL 46 >40
LDL 154 <100
Triglyceride 94 <150
VLDL 15 <40

Looking at this its obvious my T is low and my lipids are out of range. My thyroid results look satisfactory on paper as far as a GP Dr. is concerned but I believe they aren’t optimal either.

It is my understanding that low T and low thyroid are intertwined many times but not sure of how they impact each other.

I was also under the impression that low thyroid can also cause a poor lipid profile.

As a side note I’ve been noticing that these results have been consistently getting worse beginning a few yrs ago. Especially the T and the lipids.

Dr. wants me on Crestor. And possibly Axiron(my decision).

My question is where do I begin and what do I address first? Thanks

Background; 55yoa 197lb 12%, been training 43 yrs. My diet is usually a 40/40/20 type diet with most carbs around the workout and usually healthy food (non processed).

I say usually because I’ve been slipping frequently the past few yrs and consuming too much sugar and trans fats type foods. Obviously it shows in my results but Dr. feels it’s not the main contributing factor and that it’s more due to
my age and genetics.

Im sure KSMan will reply but in my opinion, your TSH is way too high, Test is way too low and your E2 is too high. You need to treat all 3 items together since they are all connected. Do all of that first, then MAYBE treat your cholesterol. IMHO, statins (crestor) are not good for you and worse than the high cholesterol. Dont forget that cholesterol is the backbone of all steroid hormones. You dont want it to be a limiting factor by having too little available

You know I used to read this all the time coming from diet gurus and other respectable health industry pundits and believed it, but lately I’m starting to rethink that. Many Drs I’ve spoken to over the years swear by it’s benefits and people that I know that have been on it for years seem healthier for it with no side effects.

My mom has been on it for 20 yrs and not one issue and it actually reduced the plaque in her arteries.

My Dr. that prescribed it says he’s been on it for 15 yrs and claims it has cardio and arterial benefits to it in addition to probably reducing chances of Alzheimer’s which runs pretty heavy also on moms side of family.

So Im starting to change my opinions on really how bad statins are.

Thanks for the advice though.

No worries brother. My main point was that you should treat your primary hormone issues first, then take another look at your cholesterol.

I wouldn’t go on TRT with your numbers. I think I would get some research chem liquid AI, take just a little(either .25 or .5 twice a week). AI should lower E2, and with lower E2 your FT should go up. Throw in a good B12 supplement or B12 shots. I don’t know if this will give you as much improvement as you are looking for, but I would explore other options if my TT is 400 before resorting to TRT.

Retest in a month or two to see if there is improvement. You will likely feel the difference of the lower E2 within a week.

KSman, we are waiting for you man… until then… man, I’d do TRT (Axeron) but no Crestor… your lip can be restored with an T3 upgrade, as you said, U need optimal! Do some t3/ t4 sup. wait and see those LDLs going down.
Injecting test is aways a better idea than transderm… but you can go with Axeron all the way…

Yeah Im anxiously waiting for KSman too cause although I know the issues with the cholesterol, thyroid, low free test and elevated LDL and estradiol are all interrelated Im just not exactly sure how they’re interrelated or how to optimally address it, and I know he does.

Bump for KS man:)

TSH too high. fT4, T3 seem OK, but fT3 is low. fT3 is the active hormone and responsible for your lower body temperatures, which are?

fT4–>fT3 conversion can be limited if ferritin is low.
CBC labs?
Do you eat red meat?
Any digestive issues or food allergies? [GIK bleed]

Describe your iodine sources and any supplementation or replenishment.

Very low FT, LH/FSH not reported.
E2 is very high considering low FT means lower FT–>E2.
Perhaps liver is not clearing E2. AST/ALT not reported.
Any meds, Rx or OTC that might be affecting this?

You are very estrogen dominant and that is your major cardio risk factor.
Get on TRT, you know the protocol that I recommend.
Try to find why you are not clearing E2.

You did not report total cholesterol.
TC<160 is associated with increased all-cause mortality.
Cholesterol is foundation for cholesterol–>pregnenolone then DHEA, progesterone, cortisol, Vit-D3, T etc
Statin drug may make you issues worse if cholesterol is too low.

We see so many young men who come here with secondary and low thyroid function that it is easy to want to find an association.

Axiron is a poor choice where work or gym activities will create T losses from sweating and showering.

Temps range from 96.7 upon awakening and top out to 97.2 during day and evening.
I did the iodine/lodoral protocol awhile back and temps stayed the same but TSH rose high. I also use iodized salt liberally and always have.

Do you eat red meat? Frequently. I had Barrets esophagus and recently got off the nexium because my condition cured or regressed. I’ve always taken B12, zinc and folic acid because of the nexium and always tested fine on those.

Liver values are always mid range of the given lab parameters.

You did not report total cholesterol. Total cholesterol was 220 with the addition of the VLDL 19 and HDL 45.

D3 has always been in the 70’s since I supplement it.

And finally DHEA has always been in the 40-60 range. I tried supplementing with it but each time it made me very nasty and short tempered and I’m normally a very laid back easy going individual. It didn’t make me feel any better either.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out.

TRT often reduces total cholesterol and that might be good. I like your profile as is. Maybe you can defer until you get T levels fixed. Lower E2 via AI will help, but will still leave you in middle ground. E2 balance is a major factor for you.

If you ever get leg cramps, that is a good sign of magnesium deficiency [common].

With your thyroid issue, you may not be able to absorb transdermal testosterone and again I point towards self-injections. Also with your elevated E2 pre-TRT, transdermals are a poor choice.

Odd that DHEA affected your mental state. But we do have a few guys who freely convert T–>E2 in the adrenal glands and high E2 would make you bitchy and compounding that, E2 would drive LH, FSH and T lower. So that would be a major effect. Dose was 25mg ED? Do not know how AI works inside the adrenals. You are very estrogen dominant and that has major immediate and long term health issues.

I think that you should be on TRT. But your info here is quite thin…
You need an AI now and TRT will absolutely require AI.
hCG for mood and or fertility, age not listed here.

I’ve considered TRT many times but I forgot to mention that I’ve been on propecia to combat hair loss for a few years and it’s been working well to keep me stable. I know my health should come before vanity but I can’t accept hairloss. If low dose Test as in TRT won’t cause any loss I’m in.

Normally my E2 is in mid 20’s. I’ve gained some body fat recently due to a very sloppy diet which is due to some recent stress(comfort food), so maybe that elevated the E2. Normally I stay fairly lean, 10% and less in summer. I should mention when I push the envelope to get extra lean my free test goes to about 200 or less and E2 drops to the teens.

I’d also like to mention whenever I do gain fat it’s always concentrated in my lower pecs( a very disproportionate amount) my love handles and lower abs. The rest of my body stays relatively lean. I even have upper abs visible when sporting a lower gut, love handles and man boobs. This fact is why I stay pretty lean year round because I look totally different when lean. Even when fairly ripped I can never totally get rid of lower pec fat.

No cramping, I take hefty dose of magnesium every night before bed and many nights the addition of melatonin.

And lastly I’m, 55 yrs old been training non stop since I was 12.

I have always been a lean guy. As T fell, weight did not change, but got flabby, 34" waist. With TRT+AI, 31" waist and no weight change. Lost fat and gained muscle with zero training. [I have good genetics for that.]

TSH is higher than desired at 2.14 range .34-5.80
T4 is BELOW midrange at 6.50/8.5 range 4.50-12.50
Ft4 is BELOW midrange at .82/1.185 range .6-1.77
T3 is low at 64/125 range 70-180
But Ft3 is just BELOW normal at 3/3.2 with range being 2.0 - 4.4

Your body temps are low and iodine did not help… checked lately?

Thyroid hormones are low and TSH high.
fT3 should be close to mark supporting body temps, but not working out that way.

Are you using a statin drug?

Mitochondria may be slow. Possible nutrient deficiency. fT3 used to regulate body temp and fT3 regulates mitochondria that make ATP, the energy source for your cells. Mitochondria need CoQ10, made in the liver. So fT3 regulates and CoQ10 enables. You can supplement CoQ10, suggest 50mg UBIQUINOL form of CoQ10, be very careful about that spelling as other forms look similar at a glance. The concern with statin drugs is that they can make major reductions in CoQ10 production in some people.

Your thyroid lab looks like a lack of iodine.
Were you and are you now getting selenium as part of a multi-vit that lists iodine+selenium?

I’ve been taking the ubiquinol form for quite some time. But I have never supplemented with selenium which I will start.

rT3 and Hashimoto’s are possible on the game board

Iodine replenishment needs selenium to be safe.
See thyroid basics sticky.

Ok thanks