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Can Anyone Here Do Handstand Pushups?


How many w full rom (ie elbows below parallel), at what weight, and what are your numbers on the big 3 + OHP?

Before anyone says this is inappropriate for this forum - I care about what strong people can do not people on the conditioning or combat forums (controversial statement I know).


I believe the problem you may run into in your question is whether or not anyone is doing them and what would be the benefit. Through my endless searches, questions, inquiries and so forth, I have not come across one PLer out there that specifically said "I do hand stand push ups. In other words, because I did handstand pushups, this helped my bench.

Not to say nobody does them, but I just tried one and I felt an enormous amount of tension on my elbows. So, to answer your question. I did 1 rep and I will not be doing these ever again.

Oh, numbers 405/375/551 Standing strict OHP 205. @ 245BW


I would imagine this making handstand pushups rather difficult! I am not even going to try and it's bound to end up nasty with with me smashing my skull into the floor.


Same as SgtQ, I used to do them at a lower body weight, but they ripped the hell out of my elbows.

numbers (raw) - 535/405/535


I do them some, but I'm not that great at them. Usually sets of 5-8 till I hit 30 or so reps.

They're no secret movement to guarantee a big bench but they should help add to stability and don't take a big toll on the body, barring elbow problems, in which case likely not a good idea.


@ Ruggerlife: what's your bodyweight?


Normally ~175lbs @5'6"

My numbers suck compared to thee other guys, but I've discussed this with others (with better numbers) and that is why they use it. Some have body weights around 220lbs.

They are currently on my 5th training day of the week which is mostly like an active recovery day. I don't expect to get anything great out of them, but any extra stability is a great thing.

As an aside, I read an article on powerlifting watch.com the other day about Doug Hepburn and apparently he used to do them frequently.


From an interview in 1954:

Doug then went on to say, â??I believe the king of all exercises is the bench press (for the triceps, lats,and the shoulder girdle) for pressing power (referring to regular grip bench preses) â?¦ however, I did get most of my pressing power from handstand presses [handstand push-ups] at which I did fifteen reps at a bodyweight of 245 pounds â?¦..

Possibly not the most up-to-date training information but interesting nonetheless --- 15 at 245lb bw - Is this believable?


I can do quite a lot against a wall but I am a lanky streak of pish and my numbers are not good


I am not functional enough, trying to do handstands with an ass and legs that squats the quarter of a metric ton is not sustainable. LOL.


I used to do them years ago, but since I decided to get strong, theres no reason to anymore.


Leg size and squat numbers can't be an excuse, it is sustainable. What is your bodyweight at stallion?


My new favorite quote: "I'm not functional enough."


contender for quote of the year!


You guys are pathetic. I can do 4 reps of HSPU. Quite making excuses.

Deadlift: 660
Squat: 550
Bench: 391

Bodyweight: 250


This is the kind of information I wanted.

Extrapolating from this I would need to bench 400 to be able to get 1 rep at 280bw. Just a ballpark figure of course.


I can do about 40 HSPUs against a wall, and roughly ten freestanding, and five on parallettes. And I'm working on a handstand clapping push-up.

I also happen to do a lot of gymnastic strength-skill training, so I'm not sure if I should qualify.. My training weight is 155, compete at 148.. 355 squat/245 bench/445 DL.


against a wall I could probably hit around 20, never tried freestanding but I will give it a go with two benches and someone making sure I don't fall over while just trying to keep me balanced. I sit at 500/370/500 belt only at ~185lbs.


Best answer yet


Animus: bw is 60-63% of bench - can do 10 freestanding

Con@n: bw is 63.9% of bench - can do 4 freestanding

jsmiley07: bw is 50% of bench - can do 5-10 freestanding?

I think this is interesting.

In order to do handstandpushups your bw needs to be 50-64% of your bench.

At 280lbs I would need a raw bench of 440-560 --- this is a ridiculous figure.

If I lost weight down to 220 I would need a bench of 343-440. The lower range here is just about achievable, but I doubt if my long arms will ever let me get there (and my bw will never be lower than 220 at 6foot9tall).