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Can Anyone Help?

Im just about to purchase some HOT-ROX Extreme and wondered if anyone can advise me what sort of diet to go on whilst on the supplement.

Im 25 and weigh 14.5 stone (200lbs, im 6ft and quite a big build, the fat is mainly on my gut not massive but enough to make want to do something about it.

I tore the cartilage on my knee 4 months ago and am still waiting to have my scan (rubbish British health care - free but long waiting lists!) so I cannot run at the moment. I have just bought a bicycle and plan to ride and go swimming. Does anyone know of any other excercises I might be able to do with a bad knee? and if this would be enough to help me lose the weight I want to?

So to sum up I would really appreciate some advice on my excersice routine and what diet I should go for?


Let the knee heal get the scan until then focus on upper body with weight, then lower walks etc. The pool isnt a bad idea IMO either buyt id ask a doc first and dont do anything that hurts.

Hmm 6’ 200 cant be overly fat id say just getting a good diet and regular exercise Nail them and the HOT-ROX and try to go for body comp not so much weight loss but fat loss and muscle gain.

Here these should help,
7 Habit

Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid

T Dawg 2

Best of luck,

Cheers Phil,

I was told I could swim but only front crawl and definitely no breaststroke.

As for the cycling how long would one have to cycle for to start burning calories off?

I dont do weights so do you think the swimming and cycling will help burn the fat off?

And lastly i dont drink during the week but usually do have quite a few beers on friday or saturday nights, do you think this would affect the use of the HOT-ROX?


A couple pointers I could give out. I’ve recently had knee surgery ACL, MCL reconstruction and he fixed my cartilage. Biking is terribly slow and redundant, because it takes sooo long to really burn calories when compared to jogging. I was told to use an elipticle machine if I felt the bike wasn’t doing the job. (it wasn’t) The elipticle machine was heads and shoulders above what the bike did for me, and I was able to use it before and a couple months after my surgery.

The alcohol does effect your fat loss quite a bit what people don’t realize is that it is a testosterone inhibitor. Carbolin 19, which is a product used in HOT-ROX Extreme is a Test booster, IMO it’s a waste of money to drink that much and try to be serious when using Carbolin 19. You can’t cut it back to a couple a day?

Perhaps you should look into lifting a couple days a week. The more you lift the faster you metabolism works, which would be really beneficial to your goal.