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Can Anyone Help

Hey Guys, I need help. I am one of those people that can’t gain size/weight easy. I’m 37,5/6 and 130lbs. I work out proper, and eat right too. I’ve never tried roids, but I have gotten to the point of trying them. Any help,tips etc. would be great.
Thanx in advance

Tell me exactly how many calories and grams of protein you eat per day. No estimates either. If you can’t do that, then I think we’ve stumbled upon the problem.

Massive eating plus German Volume Training perhaps followed by an Ian King “Limping” phase should work. Check them out in the archives

beleive it or not, you will not grow with steroids w/ a shitty diet dude.you are 130. You could easily get up to 150 in 3 months with the get-big diet for bodybuilders.

You can starve yourself and not train and still grow with steroids.