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can anyone help on this

:frowning: hi
pl some professional help me!
im 178 lbs did my 3rd week of sustanon 250 but have not seen any gains in size except 4 lbs in weight ,was planning to do six weeks but as i dont see any results planning to stop and start with clomid after 3 weeks.can any one ehlp me with some ideas (should i do 100 mg of deca now)i have eaten upto 275 gms of protein a day 3 mmeals and 4 whey shakes.alos im planing to cut with whinny but donyt know how?

Now plz help me when to use winstrol tabs(safe does plz)?how long and what else should I do to put on 1/3 inch on arms!!
plz help !!!

3 weeks of sust250 is hardly a cycle. Definitely doesn’t merit clomid. And you’re balking after only 3 weeks even though you’ve gained 4 lbs. What the hell? My advice is to stop, save the clomid, do some research, and come back here when you have a decent cycle constructed.

1/3" on your arms at 178lbs is pretty easy I would assume just by modifying your workout. I cut out direct arm work completely and haven’t looked back.

How tall are you?

How are you dosing this stuff? I generally don’t start to see really visible results until about the 3rd week of my cycles, and that is with a frontload. Are you sure your gear is real and dosed properly? Don’t bother with the deca at this point, its very long acting and takes some time to start working. A tiny dose of 100mg wont do a whole lot of anything, other than possibly increase supression.

As for how to cut with winstrol, take 50-100mg day orally. Space out your dosages 6-8 hours apart. You can split your tabs and take them more frequently if you want. Anyway, if you’re following a good diet (tdawg, steroid dieting, etc.) you will harden up nicely over 6-8 weeks. Hopefully you have a better idea of what you’re doing than your post leads me to believe.


  1. How much Test are you taking per week?

  2. Your main, longer Test ester in your Sustanon (decanoate) won’t kick in until your 4th week… you are on your 3rd week… give it some time, already!

  3. Extend your cycle to 8 weeks atleast, maybe even 10.

  4. Don’t add Deca. If you want to add in something, do Tren/Fina or EQ instead.

  5. Protein looks fine, with 3 solid meals and 4 shakes? Incorporate more solid meals into your diet. Is this enough calories for your body weight to grow on?

  6. Add Winny into your program for the last 6 weeks of your cycle. 100mg of ORAL Winny per day should be fine.

  7. Want to add arm size? Change up your Winny tabs for some Depot. Inject the Depot right into your biceps and triceps.

  8. If this your first post? Yes. Do I know how old you are? No. Is the advice I gave you correct? I dunno. Mainly because I need more stats to go on and maybe this info might work for you. I’m sure more people here will be willing to help you if we all knew more stats. For all I know, you could have started TRAINING 3 weeks ago too!

Re-Evaluate everything!

You need to stack other compounds with that Sus250 from Day1. You need more flavors.

I suggest you eat more real meals.
Triple that protein intake.
Use the Whey after you workout.
Workout harder and keep a log.
Hint: If you want to grow your lifts need to increase week by week.
If they not increasing you are not growing!
Start over Bro!

Geesh! you wouldn’t know how many first timers pm me asking me this question -

“its been a couple of weeks and nothing’s happening”!!!

When I did my first cycle I thought my gear was fake too - until the end of the third week! - Thats when if your cycle is constructed properly things really kick into gear!