Can Anyone Help Me Out with My First Cycle?

Hi guys!!!
I m a new user here

I m a lil confused abt my first cycle, I wish to run my cycle as follows

Week 1-5 = Dbol 40 mg (20 mg Am pre workout + 20 mg PM after evng meal)
Week 1-12 = Sustanon 750 mg/week (250 mg MWF)
Week 5-12 = HCG 500 iu/week (250 iu Tuesday + 250 iu Saturday)
Week 8-12 = Oral winstrol 50mg/day
Arimidex 0.5 mg throught my cycle
Three weeks off then 3 weeks for PCT

My PCT will be as follows

Day 1 = Clomid 250 mg + Nolvadex 60 mg
Following 10 days = Clomid 100 mg + Nolvadex 40 mg
Following 10 days = Clomid 50 mg + Nolvadex 20 mg

Height = 5’10
Weight = 200 lbs
Trained for 2 years but 4 years back all natural
Well maintained physique

Any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated
Thanks in advance for giving your time

Depending wath is your goal but 50mg of d-bol per day (5 week) and 650mg sustanon (10 week) gonna be good for your girst cycle.Dont mix 2 different kind of pills its dont need hcg now.clomid and nova be enough for the pct

Read this: The PCT SERM dosing in this forum is wrong

This is the poster child for wrong:
Day 1 = Clomid 250 mg + Nolvadex 60 mg
Following 10 days = Clomid 100 mg + Nolvadex 40 mg
Following 10 days = Clomid 50 mg + Nolvadex 20 mg

3 weeks off is shutting down the benefits of taking hCG during the cycle.
High dose SERM’s flood your body with estrogens that anastrozole would not control.
You need Arimidex during PCT and past.

Use hCG from Day 1 of cycle to day before PCT

You will feel better with a T taper towards PCT so you do not feel crashed.

There are other reference topics here: About the Pharma category - #2 by KSman

So u mean to say is my proposed PCT plan is all wrong…!!!

Thanx for d info
i would b highly thankful to u if u can please draw a steroid cycle including proper PCT for me

KSman is a god. don’t disobey

Run hcg throughout your cycle to keep the testes producing or run hcg at the end to jump start them.

Definitely start over from scratch with your PCT. It’s ALL wrong. KSMan’s advice is good. Read that thread.

I think your cycle is fine though. The winstrol won’t do a whole lot for you, but it’s not really gonna hurt. My first cycle was test at 750 with Dbol at 50mg. Same durations of use.

You may have to adjust the arimidex, depending on how you respond to it. I’m assuming you mean to take the adex at .5mg every day… that MIGHT be right, but the only way to know for sure is bloodwork. It would be too much for me if I was running the same cycle, based on bloodwork I’ve had done during cycles.

Thanx for ur suggestion

Can u help me with my PCT for this cycle

they were helping you with your PCT when they provided you with that link to check out. Check it out.

@KSman is on top of his shit!!! read the article!!!