Can Anyone Help Me Find a Simple Bulking Program?

Hi I am just trying to find a simple program I can follow. I keep getting lost In the internet on my search. Here are a few things I am looking for in the program below… I feel like I am close to making my own program, but I really like just following someone else’s blueprint that knows what there doing.

Current stats
150lbs bodyweight at 5’6"
Squat 260 lbs
Bench 245 lbs
Deadlift 325 lbs

  • (These stats above are my current lifts I know I can do any day of the week any time. I have lifted heavier and I’m sure if I practiced low 1 to 3 reps for a few weeks, I could raise all those, but that is not the goal right now I want to keep building my base and keep my strength gains, if that makes sense.)

This is what I kind of want in my next program below
-training same muscle groups twice a week or more (48 hours for protein synthesis)
-training 3 to 4 days a week
-built around basic compound movements
-put on some body mass

So far I’m probably going to try wendler bbb. This has worked well in the past but I started having some minor injuries (hands and feet going numb like a pinched nerve, and pretty bad muscle spasms. Plus my shoulder blade felt impinged) and I was probably running it too heavy idk. I really felt over trained on top of that (sick every other week).

I am really lost with where to go from here right now and lifting should not be this complicated, but Idk what to do so I appreciate any suggestions!

20 rep squats

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0.5 - 1.0 cup steel cut oats
0.5 - 1.0 cup full fat milk
0.5 - 1.0 cups greek yoghurt (do this overnight)
1 banana
1-2T honey
1-2T peanut butter
Cinnamon (add in the morning)

4-6 eggs
Toast optional
1 cup sauerkraut

Beagal w/peanut butter
1 cup milk
1 carrot, 1 capsicum

Dr John’s chili
Green salad w/olive oil and feta

2 scoop whey
1 cup milk
1 banana
3T heavy cream
Bag snowpeas

Roast veggies (inc potato)
1 cup milk

0.5-1.0 cups greek yoghurt
1-2T Honey
1-2 handfuls walnuts (crushed)

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Hmmmm, protein!


I just want to chime in that any good “bulking” (wince!) program will have you in a caloric surplus. Now, before you go and become a fat ass convincing yourself it’s all muscle and it’ll be great when you eventually cut down, I want you to take an honest look at your current diet.

1- Are you eating within general caloric ranges for someone your size and general activity level? (I know this is broad, but I’ll start here)
2- Are you getting enough protein every day?
3- Are you eating enough healthy fats?
4- Carbs? Sensitive? Carb-phobic? Self diagnosed as carb sensitive because you eat too much?

Seriously, square away the dietary stuff before trying to find a magic program. I trained pretty much exactly the same (aside from cardio) when I was prepping for a contest and when I was off season. I just let myself eat more in addition to the basic requirements I needed to ensure I was covering my bases to build new muscle.

A muscle will either grow, or not. A ton of extra calories won’t make it happen, as the actual calorie expenditure to synthesize a lb of new muscle, and then to maintain it each day is laughably small.



I think I have a pretty good idea on what to do on diet. I just haven’t been able to find a training program I can commit to and believe in.

Probably going to go back to wendlers bbb but start a little lighter than I did last time.

I used to track macros to t but now I just eat wholesome food and feel like I have plenty of energy. I know I get at least 3000 Cal’s to 3500.

Honestly ive been eating alot of fast food and pizza and saw no difference than when I tracked everything. I’m starting to think diet is overrated I feel fine as long as I don’t touch sugar lol. If I start getting fat I’m definitely going to stop though lol. Loosing weight really sucks

All depends on your goals.

“I wanna look like a normal but not fat person “ = diet is over rated, just don’t over eat

“I want to take my physique to extreme levels of leanness and muscularity “ = yes, diet is pretty darn important



Ya your probably right. I’m just going off my experience.
I tracked calories to the t 3700calories every single day I hit it. Meal prep and everything for nearly a year and all it really did was stress me out and my lifts stayed about the same I gained like 5lbs
Now I eat how I feel like eating and it’s about the same. Not better or worse so idk it’s frustrating.

Why do you need to “believe in” the program? Your muscles don’t care. Your fat doesn’t care. They’re going to respond to well-known mechanisms like progressive overload and caloric deficit regardless of your beliefs.


So do you know any programs that have these mechanisms? I need to believe in it so I can stay consistant and not get distracted.

It sounds like nobody really gives a shit about training anymore lol. I guess you can just do anything and get jacked as long as you eat peanut butter and drink fking milk.

Does anybody even lift anymore lol?? Come on guys what’s going on?

I appreciate the input but only one person has thrown out a program lol

I’m lost and just trying to find my way back to the basics don’t get me wrong here

Post a program you want to use while “bulking” and get feedback.

Having us guess what will appeal to you until we hit it is ass-backwards.

Dude I literally wrote what would be cool to have in the program that I think is important for my training. It sounds like you only read the title.
-training a muscle group twice a week
-compound movements
-3 to 4 days a week

I’ve searched all over but can’t find a program that does this. Wendlers bbb is the closest to it so I’ll probably try to commit to that monday

Yeah but Wendler alone has dozens of programs that fit that criteria. See the problem?

BBB is a decent choice.


Exactly the problem


Overload man I get lost reading all that shit

then why this?

Also if there of dozens of programs that you want to do just pick one and run through it. You can do the others afterwards; it won’t make a difference

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Idk I probably just should have done a Wendler program in the first place. I just ran them wrong a couple times and wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it again even though it was my fault for going too heavy

Everyone “still gives a shit” about training, it’s just the people here who have given you advice know that for you to achieve your goal know that there are two contributing factors to get where you want to be
Not quite just milk and peanut butter, but a diet that consists of good, whole foods in a carolic surplus combined with a program that along with your diet will adjust as you achieve goals is the only way you’ll get what you want

BBB is a great start if that runs parallel with what your goals are, no doubt it will get you strong
Are you training for strength, hypertrophy…?
There are of PPL splits that will hit 2 muscle groups a week, you said before that you’ve ran BBB before but it resulted in injury, but now just said you ran it incorrectly
What did you do differently?

If you’re gunna run a program designed by someone else that has proven results, it’s best bet to run it exactly how it was designed
Did you buy his book, or just try piece it together off different articles?