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Can Anyone Fix Bozo?


The boy's Bozo punching bag, featured in my avatar, has sprung a leak. Unfortunately, it's right on the seam \ top edge of the ear. I tried a supplied patch, but due to the location, it didn't work. I tried using tire repair glue, but that didn't work either. I am tempted to try one of those freezer bag heat sealers, but I am afraid I'll wind up with a molten mess.

It was purchased by mail order, so it's probably not worth the hassle of trying to get it replaced. I could find something similar locally to replace it if need be, but this is supposed to be a replica of the original.

Any thoughts?

Thanks. Happy F*cken New Year! ( see how restrained I am? ) #:-)

\|/ 3Toes


(Sigh) My man, you're shit out of luck on this one. You'll have to get another. Those things never survive long and the patches aren't the best. And since the seam is ripped, it's as good as buried. I remember popping a few of those as a kid. Namely my younger brother's.


you could try pushing the area of the tear in and then sealing around it. It would distort the ear a little, but at least it would be the same BOzo.



I have repaired those kind of leaks before with silicone sealant. I would guess an adhesive would be even better.

Good Luck.


Buy another bozo, duct tape that mother fucker up good and just tell your kid this is the last one.

Haha, try crazy gluing the sides together. Would look a little stupid, but it may just work.