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Can ANYONE Believe This?!?!?!


Not sure if this is the right forum for this but I just read this on a forum about the 2010 olympia...

"Once a bodybuilder gets his/her pro card, s/he is subject to random drug testing throughout the year. They also do pee tests before every show. Guys like Jay, Dex, Jonnie, Phil, Branch, (the list goes on and on) do several shows a year. It's not just the Olympia, you know. There is no way that these guys would be able to fake it for long if they were on steroids. Thing is, most people just don't understand the kind of dedication and hard work it takes to achieve something like this. Here's a clue:These guys don't believe in the words "good enough" or "once can't hurt" (when it comes to dieting. Did you know that Jay wakes up at least twice a night to eat? or that in the last ten or twelves years that he has been competing at a pro level, he hasn't deviated from his diet so much as to add a single ounce of ketchup? Not once! These guys are one hundred and fifty percent dedicated to their sport. Don't cheapen it by calling them drug abusers."

I just couldn't believe the sheer stupidity of this statement... i just HAD to share!



In the FST-7 Defined DVD Jay ate ketchup AND mustard.


Well of course the pros never use gear. It's...

Damn, can't even think of a joke.


I can't believe it!


akso, all pros are vampires. That is why Jay feeds during the night. I do the same...human flesh is amazing for the lean bulk....


Tastes just like chicken.


Gee....thank you for sharing that.

I wonder how many people on this site train (diet) as hard as any pro bodybuilder.

I wonder how many of those people are focused on drug use as the most important factor.


How long have you......


Drinking extract from bull seamen doesn't show up in the drug test.


I thought about my friends in med school when I read the OP. There's a committment that doctors have to learning and its the same that top level athletes have toward their sport....




Prof. X.

I in no way deny that pro bodybuilders train and diet extremly hard. And no, I and possibly many others on this site don't train as hard or diet as strictly as they do. But then I'm not a pro bodybuilder and have no desire to be.

The stupidity I was refering to was this persons unwillingness to believe that pro bodybuilders use performance enhancing drugs to achieve thier muscular size and low,low body fat.

It has been reported on this site many times that the dosages use by todays pros are well into the realm of stupidity and could very easily be termed as drug abuse, so saying their are stringent test that everypro passes with flying colours year after year is just a bare-faced lie isn't it.



I'm thinking about being a pilot.


I have a friend who is a pilot and one who is a helicopter pilot.


Really! Well my friend's cousin girlfriend's nephew knows a guy who walked through a space shuttle once.


Bullshit. There are no space shuttles.....and that 60's Moon Walk, all fake. It was done at Universal Studios.

Yes, that's right...the guy that your friend's cousin girlfriend's nephew knows is a SPY.


Well, yeah but his diet is 100% spot on, like for 12 years, doesn't ever have condiments.


What about animal style 4x4s?


Thought vampires drank blood, not ate flesh? Something's not quite right here...


From the Aqua Teen movie when Carl is all yoked after working out on the Insanoflex he goes and gets some extract from some bull seamen for his post workout drink.