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Can Anyone Advise?

Haven’t posted before but have been lurking for a while,

Current stats: I’m 24, 5’11 and walk around at 96ish Kgs.

When i was 18 i was 140kgs,

Initially the weight came flying off with no great change in diet, i had been in and out of a local boxing gym for years and just commited myself to it. I’d say i got to 105kg over 12-14 months before i hit a plateau despite still being overweight. I began to educate myself on diet, supps and training predictably I made EVERY mistake in the book, cabbage soup diet, stimulants like mad, endless running(in sweat suits),weight were light and high rep, not enough rest!

My goal was to be as light(scale weight) as possible by any means possible.

I mad very slow progress. But i did make some and got to 90kg but i was dehydrated, weak and exhausted!

Since joining sites like this and given weight training and nutrition a higher priority i’d say i’ve gained 10kgs of muscle and lost 4kg of fat. Give or take over nearly 3 years!

Now i want to be as lean, powerful and healthy as possible!

My long term goals would are, i would like to walk around at 90kg @ 7-8% bf, be considerably stronger and ipitimize good health. But priority would be fat loss.

Currently my diet is wheat, gluten and 95% sugar free. I train over a 5-6 day week, 3-4 days in boxing. 2 weights.

I have tried, low carb, carb cycling, high carb low fat, zero carb. Honestly no change in weight or appearance only noticeable change between the diets was performance.

I am currently practicing IF, I tend to do a 18-20 hour fast.

I train separately from the classes at boxing unless training for a fight, to get sparring. As i feel traditional amateur boxing training is
outdated. I usually begin my session with HIIT, hill sprints, sled work, or other 60-80% sprint work. Followed by bag work or pad work and drills. If i lift heavy the previous day or feel i haven’t recovered i usually stick to skipping and bags.

My weight sessions are focused on the olympic lift variations with some accessory work followed by a squat front or back, then a press variation. I usually save pull’ups and direct core work for boxing. I train at an athletics track with proper facilities.

I have tried various training programmes with some success, 5x5, upper/lower, full bodys, and for maybe 6 months i did no boxing and committed to 4-5 days lifting with fasted cardio. I put on a little size but with no appreciable fat loss. also i don’t want to be a bodybuilder so it seemed backwards to train like one!

I work in approx 3-4 week cycles and play with reps and weights on my Oly lifts and squats as they are now my focus but boxing is pretty consistent only tapering up and down for fights.

My supplement staples are whey, omega 3, vit D, bcaa’s, acety-l carnitine, multi vit, TTA(cycled)

Despite my diet/routine my weight has plateaued for approx 18 months.

I took advantage of the Ageforce BOGO and in addition am using the B12 patch, Weight Loss Patch, and the Dhea/preg patch. I don’t normally get reeled into weight loss products as i find the majority to be a waste of time. Try-somastain is something i hadn’t heard of so gave it a go.

My history with supps is long, basically nothing works. I generally steer clear of stims as i have a huge tolerance and and turns out to be costly and ineffective! Test boosters, creatines, antioxidants, transdermal fat burners. Honestly it pains me to think the money i’ve wasted!

I have IBS so i think i might be suffering with some absorption issues due to gastro problems.

I made a small breakthrough when i started looking into insulin resistance. I got hold of some Metformin/Glucophage and actually lost fat! Big deal. The only thing was the sides from metformin, so i discontinued. I have since had consultations with a former Mr Universe(charles clairemont?) A poliquin bio signature qualified trainer and a local well respected diabetic bodybuilder.

They were all perfectly nice but not all that helpful! One thing i learned is i have a fatty liver. (TTA)

I have been on off using GDA’s since christmas, with marginal success.

I’m getting blood work done in a couple weeks. Fingers crossed for something easily fixed.

If your thinking, maybe he’s just at his healthy weight, i had a BMR, basal metabolic rate test done as they are supposedly the most accurate, my body fat came in at 22%!!! Somethings not right. I also seem to struggle with constant fatigue and low libido. Low test?

I hope you dont think im a dick for writing so much, i just like to be clear as literally nothing gets under my skin than a typical " i just cant lose weight" guy!!

Thanks for your time guys.