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Can Any of You Do What Ronnie Does?


I know i can't



Holy shit.


And, finally: you gotta be big to get away with those pants.


Sweet pants... Make sure to turn the volume up!

Notice the caption too, "huge man bench presses 200 lb dumbbells"

Huge man. Huh.


If your jaw doesn't drop, then you're not paying attention.


I'd have to walk over and tell him not to throw the dumbbells down.


Yes, my jaw dropped.



this video in particular was awesome..."Ronnie Coleman - On The Road"

the shots of him doing sidelaterals and barbell squats are fricking amazing...


I suppose those were "fake weights" as well.


i love how he says "lightweight" in the middle of the set, like its nothing


Ya know, some people consider that to be quite gross. I, am one of those people.


Yeah, because all those huge body builders arent nearly as strong as they look.


One of the Professor's favorites.

Next person that says bodybuilders aren't strong gets ground up, thrown on my George Foreman, and eaten in my quest to remain "functional".


Wow, that is simply amazing!


On both clips, I notice he's doing partial reps. No disrespect intended, but are these advantageous at very high weights? Based on this question, you can see my experience level with those types of weights...


I thought it was fucking great. I'm in awe.


A small part of me wanted to criticise his small range of motion on those presses. The rest of me meanwhile was shouting "lets see you do 8 reps with 200lb dumbells ya pussy!". I know I can't do that shit, fucking amazing.

Especially the way he literally throws them when he's done, even thou its a pet peeve of mine in the gym, he gets some air with them, and anyone strong enough to get air with 100kgs of iron, automatically gets my respect.


I do "partial reps", if you consider that to mean I do not touch my chest and I extend the weight just short of lock out. This isn't powerlifting. The goal is to stimulate development so you work the msucle through its most effective range...which does not include complete lock out. Mind you, no beginner should be training that way. Apparently that needs to be said constantly or someone will take what someone who has been training for years is doing and attempt to do it even though they just bought a membership today.


You're one rung higher there sic.


I was wondering if anyone noticed that he was not touching the dumbbell plates to his pecs. None the less, those are very impressive dumbbells no doubt about it. I take nothing away from him. However, keeping it in perspective, the man weighs 300+ pounds and takes massive amounts of steroids.

Am I still impressed with his strength? You bet I am!


I've gotta ask, is my jaw dropping over a specific thing in that video? Or just the whole damn thing [because really, well, wow]?