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Can Ankle Mobility Be Improved Much or Is It Genetic?

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This is a bit ‘off the beaten path’ in terms of ankle mobility advice, but I tried a lot of the stuff that you see coaches and physios recommend…

The problem was it didn’t work well for me at all, but I don’t think it’s genetic.

I never had problems with my ankles until I started working long hours at a desk. Doing weights, using a stationary bike… It just doesn’t make up for the level of walking that most normal people do. So if you’re not walking a lot like me, your ankles are going to get screwed up pretty quick.

The thing is that it takes a really long time to get these muscles, ligaments, etc, to come back to a normal level through walking. Most people who develop these problems aren’t likely to be able to suddenly increase the amount of walking they do because of the life that made it happen in the first place, and extremely limited endurance in the ankles themselves. It often did me more damage to walk a really long way, because then everything would be tight, inflamed, etc, for days.

So what worked for me was skateboarding.

I don’t mean doing crazy tricks, just skating up and down my yard. You won’t be able to overdo it because you’re going to progress slowly to begin with. That said, you’re using your ankles constantly to stabilize yourself.

It was the only thing that made my ankles feel better and get more mobile. So I highly recommend it!

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