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Can Ankle Mobility Be Improved Much or Is It Genetic?

I saw that too

100% agreed

OP, if your issue is mostly soft tissue related, squatting will lead to improved dorsiflexion over time. If you really wanted to accelerate that process, I would use a more controlled descent on the majority of my reps, and a pause at the bottom on some of my warm-ups or lighter sets

Ankle mobility is mostly minutia that too many people overly stress about.

I think it’s important enough to be mindful during your warm up and during your sets.

If you’re sedentary, your feet/ankles just aren’t conditoned to doing what you’re doing. I’d continue doing barefeet squats without heels raised.

Keep up with ankle mobility in your warmup, do feet stuff if you already aren’t

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I didn’t think this was that kind of forum


:joy:. Haha!

OP, do the 3rd world squat. The one where you just basically sit on your own heels, and just stay there for a while until you can relax, Put your arms out, and/or hands behind head.

Do that every once in a while throughout the day or casually as opportunity presents itself.

I do this for a few (like 5 or more) minutes at a time instead of sitting down when outside playing with my kid. It’s very good.


I’ll add to this if you don’t mind. It’s a great tip but focus on doing it in a way that challenges your ankle mobility. It’s quite easy to compensate, and let your torso fall forward to counterbalance the rest and if you do it that way your shins will be somewhat more vertical.

TL;DR: Do correctives, but be conscientious about how you do them.


No way man. I wanna see patella flying like hockey pucks!

Actually though, that is sound advice. Never know quite how far or hard some might take these little tidbits. :+1:

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I do with a medicine ball at night before bed but I think I need to do them longer!

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The idea there is to be able to do that and relax, let the muscles loosen up/lengthen and sit there for a while in a stable platform as you breathe, tie your shoes or what ever, and it becomes an easy but strong position to be in.

At this point its just a stability/mobility thing, then strength, which you already have all 3 of to varying degrees.

If possible, can you please post a video of what you’re referring to? I’m a bit confused, but definitely need help with ankle mobility.

I won’t. I have long legs relative to my torso so looking at how I move is only beneficial if you share my leverages.

It’d be better for you, probably, to go through some articles on The Third World squat and think about how your own body has to move through space to do that.

Here’s a good example,

Think about what it would mean to “cheat” in the above scenario, where cheating means doing it in a way that didn’t challenge your ankle mobility. How would that require you to sit and compensate? For me, long femurs, that basically means knees in arm pits, weight entirely on heels and the torso folded over like a cheese curl.

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Also to give some positive feedback, those squats looked good. I dont see any major difference from heels down or heels raised, but I think heels down would be ideal for you (no reason to add other variables).

There’s stuff that will develop and become more efficient over time. Also use your front squat warmup/working sets to work your front rack mobility and positioning. That’s low hanging fruit for new lifters too.

Thanks for the positive feedback. I plan to post back squat videos this weekend.

OK, here are some videos of me back squatting…eek!

I can vouch. I’ve had very limited success in trying to mobilize my ankles. I just have a body that is meant for less quad use and more posterior chain use. Can’t get my quads to fire much at all becuase of this.

Once again, nothing really wrong except at the top- no lock out.

Do you have knee pain/tight quads/anterior pelvic tilt?

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If you’re interested in trying one more thing that’s very different to the standard stretch/mobilise approach, this is money.

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Thank you!

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Is back squat form good enough? Should I switch to back squat from my current front squatting for 5/3/1 Beginner program? I like front squatting but I don’t think Wendler allows for replacing back with front squats.

Also, I feel like squat shoes would help.

This is mostly true.

There are squat drills to help you improve your squat, variations that’ll keep you busy for your lifetime.

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Yeah it lokks good. Just keep your feet glued to the floor. The reason you stumbled back was because your toes came off the ground