Can Anabolic Steroids Cause Diarrhea?

Bit of an odd one lol, but ever since I started my blast of 700mg Test P, 700mg Tren A I have had the shits after most meals! Not fun!

I have eaten the same foods for ages, nothing seems to change it! And even more odd is that I experienced quite bad tren cough earlier today, now my belly is pretty bad aswell!?

I have ran these compounds at similar levels before but just cant figure it out…

way more likely to be your diet, mate.

Eating the same shit everyday can cause you to develop intolerances.

What’s your diet look like in a day?

The usual;

Eggs, Chicken, Beef, White Fish and Whey Protien.

Oats, Rice, Maltodextrin.

Peanut Butter, Fish Oils.

Multi Vit, Green Veg.

Since starting blast I have upped fish oils and eggs by a few for a total of 12 eggs whites for breakfast… My post workout shake also has egg white protein in it… I have tried a few days cutting out the eggs but I might go buy some whey isolate now and try replacing eggs and p/w shake with that… Fucking better be the eggs!

could be eggs, could be the whey, could be the oats. All of those are quite common allergens.

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I think its me adding Creatine Monohydrate to all of my shakes!!! Apar quite a comon side effect to too much of the stuff!

If you inject in your ass, yes it’s a common side effect.