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Can Almost Sprint Correctly!


hello, i started sprinting as my HITT cardio for lacrosse 3 months ago and had the worst form as most people who start sprinting immediately do. however, i finally learned how to get proper stride, push from the balls of feet and use the posterior chain instead of glutes.

i have one final problem, i can't keep my back up.

my back is not flexed nor arched when i sprint, but it never points up, it points a little down.

instead of being perpendicular to the ground, it's on a 75 degree angle to the ground.

i try to consciously keep it up but it wont. sorry, i know this question may sound a little confusing.

any help?


If you aren't using your glutes, you aren't using your PC to it's full extent (if any) as your glutes are the most powerful muscles in the PC.

That's why I think you still aren't using your PC enough while sprinting, thus relying more on your quads, thus leaning forward more while sprinting.

Really focus on pulling yourself further while sprinting (at least after your acceleration phase), avoid looking down. If you do this correctly, your posture should improve almost automatically.

And stretch your hip flexors.


I really think this is the key. Once you've gotten past the primary acceleration phase it's like you're floating... and pulling yourself along with the tips of your feet (at least that's how it feels to me). It's why I've always loved sprinting.
Also, really concentrate on keeping your chest up. Think less about your back angle and just think "chest up." Less thinking, same result.


thanks for the adivce, appreciate it!


lol, major typo on my part. it should say "use posterior chain, MAINLY glutes", NOT "using posterior chain, instead of glutes"

and thanks for the advice, as i usually do look down so that's probably the problem.