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can add upper body wts. now!

Is there any way to make the most of the chest fly machine as the sole chest exercise allowed (since it requires no grip with my hand)? Also for shoulders–the lateral raise machine being the sole exercise for shoulders (the kind forearms rest on the pads)? Thanks for any input you can give. please note, I haven’t done any upper body for 3 weeks–dr’s orders. Now I can!!!

Do some one and a fourths. The “fourth” part can be at the beginning or end of the movement. Those kill on a pec deck and would work on the lat raise too. Also drop sets, ascending sets, superslow, unilateral movements etc. Plenty of options.

Did the superslow. Hope to be in agony later. I got a good pump! Was great to do upper bod! Yeeeeeeee ha! (inner WV coming out)

Here are two schedules that should help:

  1. After warming-up, start with your two rep maxium and do one rep, drop the weight, another rep then drop the weight. You keep this up until you reach 50% of max, then you rep out. Originally know as PTA.
  2. Drop sets of 6 to 8 reps with three to four drops.
    Hope your hand heals soon. Brashed mine a couple of years ago and broke my right index finger, it still does not bend all the way and is only up to 80% of max grip, but I am still working at it.