Can AAS Cause Hypoglycemia?


Yesterday I was at work and called the doctors as I was feeling hypo, these symtoms have been coming along ever since I started to Blast and Cruise, I’d eat a ton of sugar and be fine.

Yesterday when I called they got me in and measured my blood sugar and it was measuring at 3.5, I ate some crisps and went back to work from the doctors, they called me and asked me to measure again it came to about 2.4, she said to get some sugar and if it stays that low I need to go to hospital, So I had a can of coke and it went to 5.7 but I needed some real carbs so for lunch I must have had almost 200g carbs from sandwiches as it was quick and that included a green monster energy drink with about 50g sugar in it, so I got some sort of instant releif, 15 minutes later and it was at 3.5 (anything under 4 is hypo and not good).

I went to hospital they rushed me through quite quick (for the UK this means your case is more urgent) and they’re speaking of me seeing an endocrinologist, they asked about AAS use but I didn’t tell them as they will just send you home and tell you to stop.

My current cycle…

300mg Deca - Has been known to cause this but that wouldn’t explain why I went hypo during a cruise of 100mg Test 2 months post cycle.
500mg Test - Hopefully Endo doesn’t test this…
40mg Dbol
12.5mg MK677 - Now this can cause hunger affects but it’s not hypoglycemia and studies showed it actually raised blood sugar.
10mg Aromasin

One thing to note it my father has type 1 diabeties not sure if it matters that he got it later in life from lots of alchoholism, then recently my grandad got type 2 from sitting inside and drinking lots of wine doing no exercise.

It would seem plausible that this may be a genetic thing due to this especially since I had a bad episode on a cruise in which I devoured 2000 calories of McDonalds in a sitting with my gf watching in horror.

Yes, stop the cycle

AAS, esp dbol and manipulating GH can fuck with glucose tolerance, I’m tired and prepping for a fat party tommorow (and have to go to gym now) so I’m not going to explain mechanisms… chances are you’re prediabetic if not full blown diabetic at this point… this isn’t worth the risk you’re taking…

The risks associated with uncontrolled type 2 diabeties are immense… also depending on the assay used to measure hormonal status, deca and dbol can be picked up as test, deca can come up as falsely elevated E2, you’re lipids will be out of whack, CBC will be altered (to what extent dependent on genetics), liver and kidney function will be impaired and more. If you’re on this yet have testing coming up you’ve fucked yourself

Drop the steroids, improve glucose control/insulin sensitivity, go back on once you fully understand what you’re getting yourself into (with lower dosages, and don’t take mk677 due to the potential for permenant neurological dysregulation), take berberine + cinnamaon or something whilst on to keep glucose homeostasis in check

Ok, thanks for the insight but why would I have had a hypo episode on a cruise 2 months post cycle? And also sorry should have added I was tested for diabeties and it came back negative.

Reactive hypoglycaemia perhaps, when did the episode 2 months after occur? After a large meal perhaps?

Very small analytical study, but men who use/have used AAS appear to have impaired glucose tolerance/insulin sensitivity when compared to controls (or a higher rate of impaired variables)… Hypogonadism is known to potentially induce insulin resistance, thus if you’re a blast/pct guy it’d make sense… otherwise perhaps you’re prediabetic beforehand and cycling makes it worse

You say you were “tested” for diabeties? So I assume a glucose tolerance test, hba1c, fasting glucose and insulin have been tested and came back fine?

Regardless it’s very possible this cycle has induced a diabetic state… don’t be an idiot, at the very least drop the dbol and mk677

Mk677 doesn’t raise blood sugar… it impairs glucose tolerance for many, studies show the drug decreases insulin sensitivity… when you’re diabetic and can’t moderate/manage carbs, blood sugar can vary wildly

Even if you’re not outright diabetic, I’d put money down you’re currently prediabetic

It was a hba1c test.

It happened mostly in the morning when I was about to get food so on an empty stomach, once in a physical labour job after lunch but I can’t seem to remember it being a large meal due to there not being a microwave on site, I had a banana and was fine 30mins later

Hba1c if elevated on two tests is diagnostic criteria for type 2 diabeties, however the same cannot be said for a prediabetic state (mildly elevated or borderline etc).

Regardless, you came on here asking for validation to continue you’re cycle… at least that’s what I’m perceiving here… however you aren’t going to recieve said advice because itd be unethical to dispense said advice, especially when it’s CLEAR the condition is being aggravated by AAS (literature empirically demonstrates particularly metandienone and oxymetholone to be implicated within impairing glucose tolerance, the same cannot be said about nandrolone or testosterone (at least in small scale trials)… and mk677… however when such drugs are all combined together (test/deca) the effect on glucose metabolism is unknown.

The problem is being exacerbated by this. I assume you’re unaware of the sheer extent of risks associated with both AAS use and diabeties… if you want to risk it (wouldn’t reccomend at all, but this is you’re life, if ten pounds of extra meat is worth it to you then so be it…)

Also… diabeties/impaired glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity will fuck up potential gains. If I were you I’d drop the dbol and mk677, see what happens, it things don’t even out… end the cycle… just my .02C (actually I’d say stop the cycle straight away but I know that’s not feasible). Tbh if I was in you’re exact situation I’d drop the dbol/mk677, add berberine/cinnamon etc… that’s not a recommendation, just what I’d do

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What doses would you supplement for this?, thanks.

Edit I heard these lower blood sugar, I need to raise mine, I’m suffering with low blood sugar.

… you’re suffering from not being able to adequately regulate blood sugar in response to insulin spike/abnormal response from carbohydrates intake. These supplements don’t “lower blood sugar”, they stabilise blood sugar if a prediabetic/diabetic state is present.

Hypoglycaemic episodes are a pretty good indicator of developing insulin resistance (may or may not be the case, get comprehensive labs)… however given you’re stack I’d hypothesise it’s the most likely scenario

After some tests from the doctor it turns out my ALT is over 300!,

I’ve only been on Dbol for 4 weeks and I’ve been intaking 600mg TUDCA daily in the afternoon but taking orals in the morning and night, along with the orals I’ve been on 20mg of Prednisone and 4g of L-lysene and Lymecycline for skin, I also have been doing MMA sparring and took 2 roundhouses to the liver not sure if being hit in the liver could affect it and I really should have looked into the combination of Prednisone L-Lysine in high doses and dbol, I will take your advice in dropping MK and Dbol, I will continue TUDCA and probably buy some NAC, the doctor said that the liver being this elevated can cause processes to fuck up so to speak.

No… and the smartest thing to do now would be to drop the cycle… but that’s you’re choice

They’re giving me a scan of my upper abdomen on Friday to check my liver, ALT and AST can be seriously raised my hard training even 7 days later, I don’t have any pains, dark piss, yellow eyes or anything but I still dropped the dbol just to be safe…

One odd thing is that I kept my aromasin dose at the same 10mg ED after discontinuing dbol and my acne seems to be clearing up finallly!, I always thought it was DHT related but keeping 10mg Aromasin is really doing wonders.

Fingers crossed this is all nothing, thanks.

Using an aromatase inhibitor on cycle will exacerbate any negative impact inflicted upon you’re lipid profile, glucose tolerance, neurology… Estrogen is pivotal in itself (esp in correlation to androgen production) regarding glucose and lipid metabolism, serotonin production, NO production (vasodilation, need for erections etc)… it’s very east to crush you’re oestrogen on a steroidal aromatase inhibitor such as exemestane… If you HAVE to you one, which you almost certainly don’t, as according to literature the testosterone equivalent of aromatisation you’re inducing with the test + deca would be around that of 560mg test, given 600mg test is well tolerated within male cohorts… you DON’T NEED AN AI… perhaps on the test, deca and dbol (aromatisation equiv over 1g test) one could implement a serm (of which has it’s own inherent risks, but less so than an AI)… or one could not use such a high dosage for no good reason

It’s all dependant on the person, most use 12.5mg EOD for Test only some need more depending on how you aromatise it, also there’s been studies on aromasin that have shown that a dose of 50mg/day (Not that I would do it) doesn’t shut your estrogen down.

No… unless you have some genetic disorder, are obese etc you probably don’t need an AI on under 800-1000mg or so test equiv… Shut down and suppression… it’s all the same, when interfering with E-T ratio whilst increasing androgen concentration (I can link data here) the HDL suppression on test alone is minimal, even on 600mg it’s like a 15-20% reduction in HDL… add in an AI to like 280mg test weekly and HDL suppression approaches 40-50%, LDL goes up etc

If you don’t want to deal with oestrogen, take non aromatising androgens as the meds have potential side effects regardless of their mechanisms… they’re toxic drugs primarily reserved for SECOND line treatment of ER positive breast cancer, not some guy looking for gains. Non aromatising androgens are harsher on lipids etc… but it beats taking an AI

90% of “HIGH E” side effects aren’t related to oestrogen at all, I don’t feel like explaining this again, but @dbossa has some really good videos on this topic

Granted when the dosage is absurdly high (1000mg or so) I can understand using just to counter water retention. Whilst AAS mediated water retention tends to be related to effects on adrenals (RAAS modification), electrolyte imbalance etc… oestrogen does play a role regarding fluid retention, thus at 1000mg per week or so the effect may become overwhelming… if it’s AI or stage 2 hypertension, the risks can be justified… or just… ya know… don’t use such ridiculous dosages

You may be reffering to other AI’s,

Check this…

Nope… I said when used in conjunction with androgens… the implications of AI use absent of exogenous androgen supplementation differs dramatically…

All aromatase inhibitors exert a pronounced negative effect on cholesterol when used in conjunction with AAS

Regardless of genetics, the effect on the overall lipid profile will be far more detrimental with AI + AAS vs AAS alone.

No. Blocking/controlling/managing (insert your favorite word here) estrogen is something you simply do not want to be doing under any circumstances with only some extremely rare exceptions for men that have an actual disorder.

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I should have worded it better, I am still on Test and Deca therefore I should control it.

No… you shouldn’t… that’s what I’m trying to get at here… you’re harming yourself here, even more so than with AAS alone… and given that estrogen is pivotal regarding glucose metabolism… it may be partially the source of you’re troubles (the fact you’re blocking it)… whatever though, at this point it’s youre life, do whatever you want…

My dose is the same now as it was on Dbol, that dose of 10mg Aromasin ED is justified on Dbol due to it being highly estrogenic, 12.5mgED is usually the starting point for dbol from what I’ve seen…

Also I’m not blocking it, I’m regulating it, If I’m having issues with Acne and upped my AI and no longer seeing issues that doesn’t seem like a coincidence, also after discontinuation of MK677 the hypoglycemia has stopped, I think there was something dodgy in it which wouldn’t suprise me because they will be banned soon.