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Can a Woman Carry a Guy in Her Arms?

Hi, this might be a funny question :slight_smile:

Can a woman of 6’0 carry a guy who is a bit shorter than her, let’s say 5’8, and who is not over weight???

For example:

A woman who has a body build like Karen Gillan (she is 6’0)

P.S I don’t know what type of discussion this goes to so sorry if I made a mistake :slight_smile:

I’d be willing to let her give it a shot.


@FlatsFarmer Hi :slight_smile:

what do you mean???

Generally speaking, no.

Yes. Nonetheless, I would recommend he call an Uber anyway–will make conversation easier.

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Oh boy, the fetishist have found T Nation.


@EyeDentist who is Uber???

@T3hPwnisher aw I’m just curious :frowning:

We all are at a certain age.


Is English not your first language?

Do you live in a cave?

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@dchris I feel insulted.

You missed a joke, which leads me to believe English isn’t your first language.

You don’t know what Uber is, which leads me to believe you live in a cave.

@dchris yeah, it isn’t my first language.

but anyway, on topic :slight_smile:

Only if the guy and gal are both naked otherwise wind drag created by the clothes would be too high to overcome.

Sometimes you gotta give people what they want to hear

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Based on the premise of this thread (why did I click on this?!) I’d say yeah probably.

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Yes. But, not with that hideous outfit on!

I think the op lives under a bridge

I agree. She should get rid of that immediately!


Bawhahhahaaa🤣 Excellent come back!

I think it´s possible … but it would look so awkward … at least for the guy :smiley: