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Can a Pain Med Norco Lower T Levels on TRT


I have had low testosterone for over 32 yrs due to a head injury that damaged my Pituitary. It tells your body to make hormones so I have to treat my low Testosterone,Cortisol, Thyroid and Growth Hormones. Due to the low Growth Hormones I ended up with 2 blockages going to my heat and I needed Heart Bypass Surgery 3 yrs ago. After this Dr.'s told me to go on Statin Drugs I did not want to take them meds but the told my wife and kids I would not live out the yr. if I did not go on them

I knew about the Sides and never had low Chol. in my life. Now last yr. Sept. my pain was so dam bad on them Statin Drugs I could not stand up or walk. Now Dr.'s listened to me and took me off the Statin Drugs but it was to late they damaged my muscles and I am in a lot of pain.

I was on 3 pain meds one the FDA took off the market Darvocet and this one worked very good for me no sides.

I was then put on Vicodin 3x's / day but this slowed down my voiding and I ended up with a bad bladder infection and did not know it due to the infection.

We could not get rid of the dam infection until they took me off Vicodin and put me on â?¢ Norco/Lortab acetaminophen/hydrocodon 10 mg/325 mg PO Tab. 3xâ??s / day.

I know a lot about low Testosterone in men and work as a mod at this forum helping men.

So they don't need to go down that road I did it took me 23 yrs being told I am Primary and I am not.

Anyway my problems now on this new pain med Norco is it lowered my Total Testosterone levels and made my Estradiol levels go why up. I take Aromasin 25 mgs to keep my Estradiol levels down. I only needed it one pill every 3 days now on Norco I need 2 pills every 12 hrs.

I break out in a sweat on the top of my head, face and upper body and feel panic problems.

I do a Test C shot every 3 days 70 mgs and this dam med lowered my testosterone levels from 1125 down to 550 in just the first 2 weeks on it.

So my Dr. had me doing a test C shot 40 mgs every day for 2 weeks to get my levels up.

And we cut the Norco dose down to 2 pills / day.

I have been back on my Test C shot e3d but now it's 80 mgs. I was feeling better but started back on e3d on my test C shot last Monday and yesterday I had to waves of sweats and Panic feelings yesterday.

Is there a pain med that works good but dose not mess with hormones. I can't see doing this much testosterone and taking this much Aromasin just to stay on this pain med.

This is a copy of a post on Nov. 9 right now I am back on 70mgs of Test C shots E3D and not doing any HCG. We have cut the dose of Norco down to one half a pill 2x's / day.

I am starting to think Aromasin does not work anymore and other men at forums said Aromasin after being on it for a time stopped working.

Has anyone here had this problem with needing more Aromasin to keep E2 in check.

I am thinking about switching to Letrozole is anyone using this if so how did you start on it and how much do you need to keep Estradiol E2 in check.

Estradiol as been a big problem for me for many yrs just can't find a way to keep it down.

Thanks Phil


vicodin and norco are the same thing, one brand/one generic

may want to consider switching to ultram.

all narcotics especially percoset,oxycontin, morphine,heroin...,opoid class can cause serious testosterone

crashes. if younger than 35(my opinion) may be able to recover from the medicne, however it can be ireversable and need hormone,testosterone replacement therapy. i found out late last year and my total
testosgterone level was 90.66 w/ranges 250-1100.

if you need to stay on pain meds do so, but if you feel that you dont need as much you seem to be making an effort so that's good. i think the amount of meds your taking as you are tapering down shouldnt have much of affect as long as your're going down. have you tried adex? i know something of aromasin but not enough to comment on. also the same for letro.....

hope your situaion improves. it seems you are getting there and may still need to make some more adjustments.


All I know is I had this dam bladder and Kidney infection for about 10 months we could tell by my labs my Ferritin levels were going up and ended up above the top of the range. I did a search about high levels of Ferritin and found out if you have a bad infection in your body your Ferritin levels will go up very high. My levels started going up 11 months ago when I started on Vicodin and I knew my voiding slowed down so I took the time to make sure my bladder was empty.

After taking 5 diff. Anti's my infection did not go away until I went on Norco.

Today is day 4 coming off Norco and I am down to one half a pill 2x's / day and not feeling any pain just sore. I do feel all that pain I had was from the infection going into my kidneys.

I am hoping when I am off this I will not need a strong pain med and if I do I want to try Ultram (tramadol) again.

Yet even on this lower dose of Norco I still need 3 pills of Aromasin / day so I feel this stuff stopped working and I need to switch back to Arimidex or try Letrozole
Chemical Name: Femara.


Well this morning I am down to one half a pill / day and this is the best I have felt in a long time. I did my Test C shot this morning and took one Aromasin at about 5am. Then later I felt like my E2 was going up so I took one more pill this I found was to much I went to low.

So it is the pain med Norco doing this and the Aromasin is working. I feel sore but not in any pain so I think my Statin Drug damage is getting better and being on them strong pain meds was masking it. I think most of the pain I had from the first of this yr. was from the bladder infection that went into my kidney's. Now that this is fixed after having it over 10 months I feel a lot of the pain I had was from my kidney's.


being on narc meds for extended periods can have serious issues as i said above. i would give mabe another

4-6 weeks to see if changes occur for good or bad, have patience and see what happens.


Thanks I will be doing this yesterday I tried to cut down to one half a pill once / day I had one half the pill at 6am then by 6pm I was having withdraw so I had to take the other half.

Hardasnails was helping me try to figure out why being on Norco/Lortab acetaminophen/hydrocodon 10 mg/325 mg PO Tab. The Aromasin stopped working from what I can see reading the links he gave me it speeds up the Aromasin and it works very fast then it's gone.
A cut and paste from this link.
and more info from this one.

AROMASIN should be used cautiously with drugs that are metabolised via CYP 3A4 and have a narrow therapeutic window.

And this from this link.

HepG2 cell lines that constitutively and stably express human CYP3A4 were constructed in order to study enzyme interactions with CYP3A4 as the only P450 present. CYP3A4 activity and content were assessed by the metabolism of fentanyl, a CYP3A substrate, and Western blots. Northern blots were used to examine the effects of acetaminophen (APAP) on CYP3A4-mRNA. The HepG2 cell lines' CYP3A4 activity was stable over time. High concentrations of APAP inhibited CYP3A4 activity. At lower concentrations, APAP produced a dose-dependent increase in CYP3A4 activity and content. No increases in CYP3A4-mRNA were seen. Incubation with cycloheximide caused a decrease in fentanyl metabolism secondary to a decrease in P450 levels that was prevented by the coincubation with APAP. Additionally, human microsomal CYP3A4 was stabilized by APAP against cytosol-mediated degradation. In our models, APAP appears to increase CYP3A4 activity. This increase appears to be via substrate stabilization.

CYP3A4 again !!!
So it looks like some pain meds make Aromasin work to fast and then it's gone this is why I need a pill every 4 hrs.