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Can a Doc Prescribe HGH for Shortness?


I am a 5 foot 5, 19 year old male who is vertically challenged. My height seems to be an issue with my everyday life. so i decided to ask Testosterone Nation to help me with this problem. Can a doctor prescribe you HGH for being below the average male height?

Thanks, Paul


I would think so, but you may have left it a bit too late. Some of your growth plates may be closed. Go find a doc!


why? at 5'5 you must be adorable!


Can? yes, if your growth plates arent closed (pretty unlikley at 19)

Will he/she? Highly doubtful. 5'5 is short, but not THAT short. I know someone who started hGH therapy around 13 years old because he was very short in a family where the mom is 4 10 and the dad is 5 5. He's 15 or 16 and about 5'5. No detrimental side effects though. And I dont know the exact protocol. Very expensive.


Haha, very true. I was 4'10 until the end of sophmore year of highschool. I was a cutie.

Honestly their really isn't a magic bullet for height, the only way to conquer it is to be happy with your body (at the same time I understand the desire to be taller, at 5'10 I would eat babies and overthrow governments to be 6'2" but at the same time, I'm happy with my body).

Get jacked up man and dont even worry about it, most women are under 5'5" so your options for dating aren't limited too much. Theres a guy about 5'5" in my gym and he slays girls. Sort of looks like a short version of Joey from the Real World a couple years back.

There are some subtle things you can do to boost your height a little bit, some nike shoes can add close to an inch to your height and make sure to wear clothing that fits your body type.


I know 2 guys who did this when they were younger. 19 may be too old anyway, but I wouldn't do it regardless. Both of these guys just don't look 'right'. They are both over 6', but they are gangly and awkward looking, too long limbs, uncoordinated, suck at sports, etc. I'd much rather be 5'10 like I am than look like that for an extra 3-4 inches.


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I'm 6.2 foot and I don't 'slay' women.

I can't squat or bench shit. Dead lift isn't too bad.

I have tiny wrists and ankles and seem to be injury prone and even at a body weight of 230LB's and BF% of 13% didn't have biceps over 15.5 inches and calves over 16.5inches. Not every tall guy is destined built like waylander!

5.5 foot isn't that short, I would follow Arem's advice, if money is not an issue I'm a liberal and very expensive GP will gladly administer HCG to you. I know a guy about 5.5 who has slept with over 300 women! mostly hot to :wink: I know another 5.5 foot guy who has had a similar amount of pussy and has just married a smoking hot fate titted blonde beauty therapist.

If you are mainly concerned about girls my advice would be to make sure you succeed in business, work hard at college and do well in your chosen profession, women will choose a successful 5.5 all round decent guy over a 'broke as a joke' 6.2 foot all round decent guy any day.

Height is like looks-its not everything, I know a six foot guy who women literally throw themselves at, but he's a lazy mother fucker and doesn't work or have any ambition, and subsequently can't get a girlfriend. Women fuck him, chuck him and make a lame assed excuse whilst they go back to their boyfriends.

People who succeed are the ones who play the hand they've been dealt as best as they can and exploit their strengths whilst working at building up their weakness's.

Good luck