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Can a bulk stage last too long??


hey guys,
my question is this. Is it bad to have too long of a bulking phase? I started bulking a good while ago, and I put on some quality beef in that time... but im still not as big as I want to be. Would it be in my best interest to do a cutting phase, then go back into the bulk, or better to just keep on trying to pack on mass??

I ask this because I've read a few posts that say a good way to make gains is to do a steady cycle of bulk/cut/bulk so on...



it depends, if your relatively lean then keep bulking. if your getting fat then you might want to cut down.


That is dependent on how much fat you packet on with your new beef.

If you were able to limit your fat gain and are still relatively lean then there is no better way to keed and solidfy the mass you have packed on and add more than to keep bulking.

Also, I find that occassionally during a long bulk cycle it can be of benefit to throw a week or two of maint. or very moderate calorie deficite in for a week or two, along with lessening your training load. This seems to limit the fat gains, gives your body a break from the training load, and can shock a growth spurt when you bump the training and k/cals back up.



Yep it depends on how much fat you have put on.

I am also bulking at the mo and began bulking at 10.5%bf, when i get to 14-15% i will cut down to about 10-12 and then bulk again, and so on.

It is a preference thing but i would recommend that you set a bodyfat limit for yourself and once u reach that jus cut down and begin again.

good luck


MoneyBags,if you weighttrain seriously 3-4 times a week and eat properly, I don't think that your body fat can exceed 16-18%. To make the things easy, when you reach a good body mass (for a 5'10" guy = 200 lbs), you could begin a cutting phase following Tokman advice.