Can a 4 Day, Full Body/Upper/Lower Hybrid Work?

Title says all. Just an idea for a pre-intermediate to get all the frequency needed while allowing for more volume and isolation work.


Sunday full body
Monday off
Tuesday full body
Wednesday off
Thursday lower body
Friday upper body
Saturday off

I have done splits similar to that in the past with some nice gains, but the main reason being that it was something different for my body to adapt to.

Many things can work. This could work. Best results will be to stop program hopping and commit to something for a few cycles.

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Yeah I like what I’m doing right now. I was just thinking for down the road.

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Ah, gotchya. It certainly can work.

I liked it because I could hit my main movements 3x a week while also getting in an intense upper/lower workout once a week.

Yeah. In a weird way, thinking about this stuff is like some form of autism or something. Keeps me focused with goals down the road.

I also think:

Legs → off → full body ->off-> push → pull-> off → repeat

Could work well also.

Definitely could. People who just auto-regulate with general splits will end up doing all types of permutations like this and still make progress. Is it ideal? Maybe not. But it can work and will keep people more consistent. It all depends what a person’s goals are.

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Lol @ pre-intermediate


Lol. Yeah I use that term for people who are in the later stages of beginner phase when progress starts to slow down, not just any beginner.

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The split that you have shown will definiately work until it doesn’t work any longer. Know what I mean? Change it up every 6 to 8 weeks and you can’t go wrong.