Can a 2B Also Have Narcissistic Tendencies?

Hello, CT. I am squarely in the 2B Neurotype. However, as of late, I’ve done things completely contrary to my people pleasing M.O. and have thought only of myself. In your experience, is this common, and is it a certain transmitter I am lacking or over-abundant in?
Thank you much.

I’m not CT but I do that also as a 2b.
I think for me it is when I am particularly down and want to feel good for a while.

Let’s think about what being narcissitic is: it’s someone really about trying to create the perfect image so that people will admire it. It is actually quite common among people with low self-esteem (2Bs being in that category) who will create a certain persona, trying to project a certain image to be admired by others, as a way to try to get the ego boost that they need.

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Absolutely. Again, narcissism tendencies often come from the need to be admired (which is a type 2A or 2B trait). BTW this is different than a true narcissistic personality (Donald Trump for example) which is typical of types 1A. The difference is that a narcissistic personality truly believe that he is he best, is always right, can do no wrong, that it’s always the other’s fault and he cannot accept that he makes mistakes. Narcissistic traits on the other end is more when someone adopts narcissistic strategies in an attempt to get the respect/admiration he needs.

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Makes perfect sense now that I read it. It was right before me the entire time but I just couldn’t see it.
Thank you, again.