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Camping with a Toddler

Hey, so I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with camping with a toddler? My wife and i are going camping in very nice area for our 6th anniversary, and this will be the first time with a child. He will be less than a month away from being 2 at that point.

Now i have camped pretty much my whole life, so im no greenhorn, but as mentioned above this will be the first time with a kid. So if anyone has any tips or suggestions, please share. Thanks.

First and foremost, whatever you “think” they will like will not be what they actually like :rofl:

I highly recommend a harness, especially if you will be camped by water, river , lake etc…
Just get an extra piece of rope to give the kid more leeway to play but can keep him/her safe. I don’t give a shit what the haters say about this. Putting your kid on a leash like a dog, because my son’s safety outweighed all that bullshit. Been camping at the river several times and never had a problem, close call or incident.

They make really cute ones like teddy bears and such with little backpacks for snacks and treasures they find.

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Are we talking in a tent, or in a nice camper? If tent… God bless you,


If in a tent be sure to zip the zippers to the top so they can’t reach them. The lil assholes are sneaky like that. :rofl:


Yeah i have no problems with a harness…and that is a good idea thanks

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Camper van. We are bringing a small tent with us just in case

Yeah I camped with all my kids in tents as todlers.

They will roll off there sleeping pads and sleep on the ground so put them between you an your wife.

They love head lamps get them one that changes colors. And get a kid one or you will have 50 billion lumes in your eyes at all times.

Get them chemical lights(glow sticks) to wear. So they don’t sneak off in the dark because they will.

Last but not least get pack you can put them in if you plan on hiking they can only walk a mile total tops.

Put them to bed at a normal time so you and your wife can enjoy the evening.


Haven’t done the tent thing but have done a camper. We just kept everything outdoors until it was time to go to bed. A book and a story about what we did and the kid was out. Kid will either follow you around and help out (esp if you give them tasks, eg collect wood for a fire) or will spends hours exploring nature - you just need to keep an eye out.

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Did a tent with a 3 and 2 year old a couple years back. Bust your ass during the day to tire them out, try to avoid naps, and they’ll be out at 630-7. Then it’s bonfires and beers (and bongs?) for the parents. Bringing enough bedding to pad every section of the tent is key, since you really don’t know where everyone will end up rolling to.

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Well neither of us drink but we will be enjoying the fires for sure haha

It was very tongue in cheek, I hope nobody goes and gets drunk with their toddler in the wilderness, haha.

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I’ve done it and it was fine. Second the glow sticks for keeping them visible at night. It’s also a good time to loosen up on sugary foods restrictions, if you have them, because they can run around like maniacs on sugar highs, which helps with the sleep-of-the-dead later.

Edit: and bring a lot of clothes, but nothing you don’t want ruined!

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