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Camping Tips

So I’m goin campin for a few days in the smokey mountains for my spring break. I was just curious if you all have any tips, tricks of the trade, campfire recipies, favorite camping gear…anything and everything is welcome. I appreciate the help T-magers. Woof woof.

Dont; get eaten by bears.
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thats some good advice…how do you recomend going about this. Serious tips still welcome

Need to know more information. What are you sleeping in (tent or RV tpye thing)? What kind of camping gear do you have? Are you going to be backpacking or stationary?

Very astute point, Groove. I would also be wary of poisonous tree frogs such as the one pictured above. The “plushier” these amphibians are the more lethal their toxin. Licking one, however, packs a quality buzz.

MBE: “Nature made retarded. Since 1745.”

I’m sleeping in a tent and this will be stationary. I got a tri-pod grill that hangs over a fire I prefur to cook right over an open flame if at all possible. I got pots and pans and utensils. Coolers, and zip lock bags…is there anything else you need…i appreciate the help so i dont mind answering questions. Thanks

I really don’t know how many bears are in the Smokey Mountains, or if they are active right now, but they can fuck some shit up, so be careful. Talk to the park ranger as soon as you get there and ask him what you need to do to protect yourself from wildlife. You may need to elevate your food with a bear bag so bears can’t get at it. Definitely, and I mean definitely, don’t bring food in the tent with you, if there is bears around.

If you are camping in a campground, there isn’t really much you need to know. Use common sense and stay safe.

Bring lots of extra socks and keep them dry in your zip-lok bags. What kind of camping do you mean? In a huge campground with lots of people around or out on your own in the wild with no trails or roads or anything human at all… aka: real camping? My guess is the first since you’re bringing coolers and all sorts of pots and pans. If that’s the case, just dress a bit warmer than if you were going to stay in a hotel, 'cause there’s not much difference.
Most important thing on the list… toilet paper. Wait… DRY toilet paper.

Sounds like you’re car camping. In that case you can lock your food in the car (with the windows up). Otherwise, bear bags (or some camp grounds have barrels built in) will be needed. If you’re not sure about how to do this, then do some research. It’s not too difficult, but it IS important.

You might also want some alcohol rub for cleaning yourself up if you’re not going to bathe in nearby water (helps keep the stink down).

Bug spray. Don’t know if it’s a big concern that time of year, but a mosquito infestation can make an otherwise good time pretty miserable.

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MBE: I’m not, not licking frogs…

MOnkeyboy, i agree with the danger of poisonous frogs but an even more dangerous foe is the hippy. Hippies are found in every major forest in NA, and canbe recognized by their foul stench and their constant singing of songs about whales, love and feelings. God I hate hippies so much they make me want to puke.

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Pack light and take only what you need. Bring some weed; makes camping more fun. Bears aren’t a problem in the Smokey’s and lick frogs are native to Colorado, they do not exist on the east coast.

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Beer don’t forget the BEER and Steaks!!! I think you got it pretty much covered… Fishing pole if there’s a lake to fish in.

Maybe one of those heat blankets if it gets cold at night.

Hope this helps. Damn I can’t remember the last time I went camping. I think it was when I was in Middle school… I loved the outdoors also.

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Try not to get drunk and only crawl halfway into your tent before you fall asleep. Because then it might rain and your pants will get all wet.

no, no really, that advice is not based on experience.

Definately don’t forget the bug spray.

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