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Camping for a Year: Food Advice

Hi. So i’m going on a year long camping/climbing trip. I need some advice on what would be some healthy food options that wouldn’t go bad for a while and is easy to prepare. I’m going to be spending a lot of energy climbing and I want to eat well for performance and recovery. I have a gas burner and a pot and pan and that is the extent of my cooking set up.
some foods that i was thinking about:
some canned chicken/tuna
some type of veggie supplement

your advice is much appreciated!

I have nothing useful to add, just want to know where you’re going for the year. Yosemite? Anyhow, neat idea. I’ve daydreamed about it, but never taken the plunge.

You should reenact “Into the Wild”, except for the ending part…

probably will be spending most of late fall/winter/early spring in bishop, ca, after that its up in the air. i’m pretty pysched!