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camping and not enough food

im goin camping next week at sandbanks provincial park (the best beaches around, so nice there). now i am a large white guy weighin around 215 at the moment, and i eat all the time. i am going with 8 other ppl, all of which are asian who eat alot less (hell, only 2 of them are guys and the biggest eater of the two is amazed at how much i can eat). anyways, i know that a good number of them eat entirely too much junk/fast food (and stay skinny the bastards) and will be able to survive on the 3 meals a day + junk food.

HOWEVER, considering that there will be mass partying i want to make sure that i stay well fed throughout the time that i am there. dont want any ridiculously weak stomach cause im drinking with not enough food in my system.

so among the snacks like almonds etc that i will be bringing i know that i can make a difference by having twice a day in between meals a protein shake along with some omega 3 fish oils etc. now for space saving reasons i am not gonna bring a seperate container for protein, glutamine and metamucil… so my question is, will mixing up the 3 ingredients in a proper ration into one empty container keep ok for the week? i dont see why not but i wanna make sure…

mm 20 mins till lunch, hungry!!!


Dude, you fielded that one most skillfully. :wink:

Make a big pile of beef jerky as well.