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Camp Undefeated


Does anyone know about this gym? I was at Renzo's but that's 200 for just bjj, and Undefeated offers MT, bjj, and weights for the same price. I would probably end up back at Renzo's but I'm short of cash right now. Any thoughts?

I'm going back to ny on Thursday and I'm going to do a free trial class to check it out. I'm not very good at bjj so I don't really need top notch competition, I just need a hobby and a way of not being a fatty.


is expensive but it is excellent, your not going to find better instructors-
or rolling partners.
Danahar's class is worth the price alone- It's not a beginner class.

Fight house has a decent reputation as far as classes, price, etc.

That all being said, I know one of the instructors- who teaches both wrestling and boxing,
Dude is legit.
Im not sure who teaches the Bjj, I "hear" the MT is decent.

I have been to the older location for sambo a few times that was 2008?

Its too fucking expensive in NYC to expect a huge facility.



Damn things are expensive over there! 200 bucks just to train BJJ? Do things improve after you've been training awhile? I mean I started off paying around 140/month to various gyms (BJJ, boxing, judo) 4 yrs later and I'm paying 30 bucks total for the same things.


It is expensive here. I know people who pay less, either they signed up for less or have been there a long time like you said.

when I play judo I pay a nominal fee- as I am no reduced to drop in status,and like you its from going there for years.

Gyms like regular old weight gyms are expensive too, so it boxing



Everything's expensive in the city. Fuckin cigarettes cost 9 bucks a pack, beers are 5-7, and forget the hookers.

Wait. Nevermind.


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