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Camp Over : - )

18 Day’s Later of straight 2 a day’s at football camp and today we get our day off! Yeeeeaaaah. 12 players hurt, 4 quit, and 2 sat out for 2 or 3 day’s of the camp and I made it through it in one piece and did well. The Overtraining has ended. After today though, we go into game week starting tomarrow.

Anway, game week and through the rest of the season we have one practice and a lifting session. I was wondering how to recover from my overtraining that occured during camp? Any ideas would be appreciated.


-Get Lifted

Sleeeeeeeeeeeep! :slight_smile: (and keep eating healthy food too) Are they making you do overhead exercises? Football and heavy overhead exercises don’t mix too well.

football and any kind of heavy shoulder stressing exercise dont mix well. i think body weight exercises to pump blood into the joint and muscles of the shoulder along with hypertrophy work on it to preserve muscle mass without putting too much stress on the shoulders.