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Cameras in Locker Rooms


Whats your take on having cameras in locker rooms?

My take is that they should have cameras in case of theft and property damage.
In schools theres something stolen in a locker room almost every other day.
In gyms same shit. Any place that has people storing stuff should have a camera.


Too slippery of a slope. What's next, cameras in bathrooms or changing rooms? Get a padlock.


I believe all you have to do is buy a lock. Also, there are signs posted staying things along the lines of "Use lockers at own risk". Wallets, phones, and keys can be kept at the front desk. This isn't rocket science.

Camera in the locker room would be the stupidest thing ever and it will NEVER happen.


No fucking way. Can you imagine some unscrupulous individuals who have access to the monitoring and vids? Hello, internet!


of course you need a locker in a locker room haha

But some people are dick enough to clip locks just like some people clip bikes for extra cash. And i know people who have done both.

Brb tying a wallet on a string and cutting off the hand of whoever tries to take it.


Slippery slope. hell no.


Get a $10 lock. If someone's bold enough to bring a pair of bolt cutters into the locker room, then they can have my shit for the effort.


how is this even a slippery slope? Worst idea ever


as far as i remember, there are no lockers or valuables stored in the bathroom, so im not quite sure why suggesting cameras looking at the lockers would lead to cameras watching you take a dump


Lemme guess - you work in a gym? =D


I don't show up on cameras sooo idc