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Camera Phone Pics


Alrighty, well I thought some of us might have some goofy pics on our camera phones

Here is one I just took tonight while grocery shopping. I know I am a perverse kinda gal but this is a very interesting shaped dog chew toy.

(I know, I know... I need help)


and this is a label/tag on the monitor at work.
It says:

hhhmmmmmmm... odd word flow, I flip it over, "MADE IN CHINA"


So did you buy one for your.............. um, dog?


ABSOLUTELY! I love my dog.


i snapped this with my camera phone one tiem


(Shameless) picture of my son in his sweet ass winter mohawk hat.


It is so hard to get this pic clear. That is my Dad's Timex. He got it in 1960 from his mother. He wore it in Viet Nam, still working. He gets back let's my older brother play with it, broke. He sent it to Timex with a letter telling what he thought was a humorous story of how his 6 year old was tougher than Viet Nam. Timex fixed the watch and sent it back along with a youth watch for my brother. Both Dad and my brother still have both watches and both are still working.

I just took this pic last week.


he's so much cuter than Bob Saget!!


Italian place I had lunch last week. I thought I was going to have to set up flares for my friends to find me the place was so dark. I thought the ceiling was kinda cool with all the Chianti bottles.


he's adorable kid...

I'm pretty surprised your chick agreed to interwebs exposure.


I'll play. Found this at the grocery store the other day.


Still not sure what it is but it makes me laugh.




Bacon mayo, sounds awesome!!


behold the epic crappiness that is a pic from my cameraphone taken in dim lighting.
This is my bunny rabbit.
Sitting on my roommate's butt.


I took this pic over three years ago in a gas station bathroom. I guess I thought I could use it in some ironically romantic fashion one day. Meh. GAL it is then.


Nice looking little man Lanky.


I got some of that for my brother for Christmas, he loved it!


Pretty awesome story, regardless of the actual pic.

Shhhh, don't tell her. :slightly_smiling:

I don't think I've ever seen such a crappy cell phone pic in the history of cell phone pics. Your phone must be from 1998.


I am such a grocery pervert.

Another pic while shopping