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Camera Phone Pics 2


Thanks to October Girl for starting this: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/camera_phone_pics


Burned out bus on the I-5 along Camp Pendleton.

Traffic was a nightmare that day.


OP edit your post with a link to the old thread please :slightly_smiling:

Here is my contribution...

I entitle this "Pirate Booty"
Otherwise known as "The San Jose"

Yeah I'm a show off but hey maybe OG will enjoy.


I was expecting a pic of the other pirate booty.


A small bar in a rural part of central Louisiana


Still going in Texas


Where is it and how far from Houston is it?


edited because i didnt think it posted.

stopped here to use the restroom on a road trip..opted to go elsewhere.


Should've pooped, push the handle down once, then run.


wow... that is quite a wonderful ass on that man.

I am clapping, just so you know.


Please tell me you had sex wearing JUST those striped stockings?


Not THOSE striped socks :slight_smile:

I have um... lots of outfits. Did you see batgirl?


^Too cool.


5 1/2 to 6 hours from Houston. I have never been inside. It is 1 1/2 hours from my house. You drive that far to go I'll go that far.

It is located on a 4 lane highway between a few small towns 40 miles between larger towns. I am sure it is the same 6 drunk guys everynight of the week with punk high schooler/college aged people hitting it up on the weekend. And probably gets the most business in deer season. lol.


Lazy Louisiana Afternoon


this is part of the trail in Forrest Gump that he runs out of his leg braces on...in Savannah, GA


Please tell me you ran up that road.


sooooo I just have never seen a motorcycle in a handicapped spot before. AND this guy actually passed me on the freeway.


he or she has the thingy hanging from the handle...... Now.. both my parents are handicapped so I just pay attention to this stuff. And I do take this stuff with a thought that a friend of mine had a kidney transplant and so he had one of those but you would not know he needed it. But my mom is on oxygen and a walker sooo I know she needs it.

What is the thoughts about handicapped spaces? I do not think there should be special places for pregnant women.


Betcher ass I did!