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Camera people

Why do people feel the need to be in other people’s buisness? I’m sort of in a bad mood over this subject because the guy that I live across from has two cameras watching two different parts of the parking lot. One watches when you come and go, and one is set up at the best possible angle to see nearly everyone on my side when they come out of their door. I know this because of the following; if you stand outside of my house you can see into his, and what you see is 3 tvs all bolted to the wall! One for regular tv the others for the cameras!!! Creepy

Is he using those obnoxiously worthless X2 spycams? Maybe he’s “leet haxor”?

Nah, he’s using a camcorder on a tripod in his vertical window that runs next to his door, and i don’t know where the other is placed ( pretty sure its in his window) Supposedly, people have complained and there was nothing anyone could do. It’s a clear as day color picture with a VeRy nice view of everything.

When he is not home spraypaint his window. LOL. Atleast it will piss him off. Leave your house by car. Park on the otherside away from the cameras. Now sneak up to the house in you ninja suit. Low crawl to the window raise your arm no skin exposed and spray. Remove the paint can label and burn it and flush it before you leave. Leave the can in his trash or leave it in his yard. Dont take it with ya. Make sure ya wear gloves. Now get back to your car and leave. lol

You won’t be complaining when you get robbed and the thieves are caught on video.
What’s the big deal anyway?

I would spray pain his window, but everyone knows that i have a ninja suit.lol. And the big deal is that sometimes its pointed up at the windows. I wouldn’t mind if it was out in the open pointed at just the lot, bit its on the houses.