camel spider

these things could be pets

Those are wind scorpions (sometimes called sun spiders or sun scorpions)

They get their name “wind scorpion” from their ability to run “like the wind”. They can run as fast as the average man. Luckily, they’re non-poisonous. They do have big, strong jaws so they can bite hard, though.

(I’ve been facinated with arachnids since before I could read.)

If I saw something like that…

I’d kill it.

Id kill it…with an M-16. I’m not getting near those bitches. Geezus, I hate freaky looking spiders.

Chuy…you used to post more attractive pictures then these :frowning:

You know I’m not so sure I’m glad I volunteered to be activated this summer now. I really hope they don’t take me now, I’d be more afraid of those than some gun-wielding Iraqi.


Just make sure you check inside your boots every morning, Mikey

Yeah, those bastards are pretty damn scary. I woke up one morning with one of them shits chillin with me in my foxhole. RLTW

-When in doubt, flip it to burst.


Jessersmack: Is that the average size of wind scorpions or do they grow larger?

I just noticed the wind scorpion is biting the other one in the ass. haha

jessermack- its non-VENOMOUS, not non-poisonous. venom is delivered from a predator into the prey, usually by some form of fang or stinger. poison is ingested. just thought I would clear that up :slight_smile:

They are pets! I’ve seen them for sale at exotic or reptile conventions.

Chuy— That’s pretty much as big as they come. The largest of them are from the genus “Galeodes,” which just so happen to live out in the Mid-East. That’s probably what the two in the pic are.

DA MAN— I stand corrected. They are non-venomous… But does that mean that if you ate one would it become non-poisonous? Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk :slight_smile:

And here I check this thread and hope to see a varient of the camel toe. I’m sadly disappointed.

All spiders are venemous, but some just lack the right kind of mouth parts to be dangerous to humans.

10 points to the person who can name the most poisonous land snake and where its from :slight_smile:


but damn huge spider and never seen on that big! that stuff would give nightmares


but damn huge spider and never seen on that big! that stuff would give nightmares

Trouser Snake, from the Nether regions!

I’ll take my 10pts thank you!

its not a blackmamba, inland Taipan also called fierce snake from australia, infact the top 10 venomous snakes reside there